How System Resources Implements Business Automation & Cloud Transformation

System Resources Helps Customers Drive Cloud Transformation with Machine-Learning-Driven Analytics

System Resources has been consulting on business automation and transformation projects for over 20 years, delivering project management and enabling customers to launch new products, services, and enter new markets. In this video, President Naresh Sodha describes how business transformation requires automation, as well as a holistic view of application development requirements, resource efficiency, and cost.

Densify provides System Resources with application performance and workload pattern analytics, generating realtime public cloud placement recommendations based on business-defined criteria, including utilization, technical, operational, and business requirements. These recommendations help System Resources ensure their clients are able to meet service levels, balance demand, and guarantee resource availability.

System Resources always recommends businesses look at the whole transformation picture, beyond the immediate approach of getting to an Agile or DevOps culture. Densify enables this holistic view by providing the analytics and data required to build a transformation and automation strategy.

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