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Cirba is now Densify

The Densify service is powered by the same great analytics engine that delivered incredible efficiency and proactive risk reduction for our Fortune 500 customers. Below are analyst reports outlining the impact of the Densify service and Cirba.

IDC Innovators: Multicloud Management, 2017

IDC assessed companies that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology or both and named Densify an Innovator in Multicloud Management.

"Densify provides deep, predictive workload pattern analytics to drive optimal workload placement across multiple public and private clouds, as well as traditional virtual and physical infrastructure."


Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017 EMA Research Report and Decision Guide for the Enterprise

OVUM On the Radar:
Densify analyzes cloud migrations and hybrid cloud deployments to optimize cost, resource usage, and risk.

OVUM looked at Densify’s capability to help enterprises to move to public cloud safely and effectively.

"Because of the sizable savings that can be made in optimizing cloud usage, Ovum believes that Densify constitutes a highly important offering for enterprises that are undergoing cloud migration."


SWOT Assessment: Cirba

This Ovum SWOT Assessment of Cirba analyzes how the Cirba solution solves the issue of over provisioning of hardware and software licensing in virtual and cloud infrastructure for enterprise customers.

"Cirba can eliminate server VM sprawl, implement policy-based control over the ongoing VM configuration, and optimize overall virtualized operations, saving a potentially large proportion of existing licensing and maintenance costs for hardware and software."


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