What is Densify? Public Cloud Optimization Service

Densify is an analytics service that makes your cloud self-optimizing by continuously and perfectly matching your applications’ demands to the optimal cloud supply.

Organizations are facing the ultimate challenge of public cloud management—the inability to automate the process of quickly and correctly identifying the right public cloud resources for their applications. App demands fluctuate hourly, and one application can run on over 600,000 permutations on AWS alone. Cloud vendor service offerings evolve constantly as new technologies and pricing variables are introduced. It’s not humanly possible to solve this everchanging, multidimensional equation—doing it manually, you’ll subscribe to suboptimal services, introduce operational risks, chance application performance issues, and waste company funds.

Densify has solved this problem. Delivered completely as a cloud-based optimization service, our solution uses machine learning to enable applications to become self-aware of their demands for public cloud resources, and to perfectly and continuously match their needs with the optimal cloud supply. Densify is true SaaS—there is no software to install, maintain, or learn. Our Densification Advisors, a team of cloud experts, work as an extension of your team to keep your cloud forever optimized.

The result? Densify customers drive 40–80% improvement in efficiency across their cloud environments, leading to improved application health, increased automation, and lower cloud costs.

Densify Improves Application Performance

Densify’s machine-learning-driven optimization engine guides our recommendations

Machine Learning

Densify is powered by Cloe—our Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—which enables your applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements by continuously learning their usage patterns and needs, and comparing these requirements against deep, 24/7 knowledge of the major cloud suppliers’ technologies and prices.

Your Densification Advisor is committed to your success

Expert Advisors

The Densification Advisors are cloud and infrastructure optimization experts—their primary focus is delivering positive outcomes for our customers.

Why Densify is Better

Many tool providers claim to help reduce your cloud bill. But Densify is the only technology that is delivered as a service that leverages patented, predictive machine learning-powered analytics to perform advanced modeling of workload patterns, and gives precise, results-driven recommendations—not naive suggestions. This means we truly align supply and demand, and perform sophisticated optimization scenarios for your cloud environments that others simply cannot.

Our unique differentiation comes down to:

Master Your Public Cloud Costs

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud

Analyzing and understanding your cloud usage patterns 24/7 leverages a number of technological advances by Densify:

  • VMware
  • IBM PowerVM

For those organizations that have a private cloud or hybrid cloud, the same advanced analytics and services apply. Simply sign up for our free 14-day service experience and select VMware to learn about the power of Densify.

Densify for private cloud