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Not just SaaS.
Densify Provides Deep Expertise When it’s Needed

Unlike adopting yet another software product, Densify is a complete service. We host it, maintain it, manage it. Our Technical Account Managers and Professional Services teams have diverse expertise and help ensure that you realize the full return on your Densify investment.

Technical Account Managers

Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) help ensure you have the right guidance and expertise to optimize your return on investment from Densify.

Densify Support

Our TAMs help ensure you have the right guidance and expertise to optimize your return on investment from Densify.

Professional Services

Densify Professional Services are experts in deploying, integrating, and driving automation powered by Densify.

On Call:
Diverse Expertise & Skillsets

Densify helps enterprise customers manage over $1 trillion in infrastructure spend. They aren’t just experts on our technology: they bring value to our enterprise customers by advising on:

  • IT Finance and FinOps-related matters of cloud purchasing optimization
  • Organizational collaboration and workflow
  • Cloud, virtualization, and container performance optimization
  • Ecosystem integration of optimization
  • Business intelligence and reporting and optimization progress
Densify provides a wide-variety of expert-level infrastructure management capabilities

IT Finance & FinOps-Related Matters of Cloud Purchasing Optimization

Every day, our staff help our customers unravel the mysteries of Amazon Reserved Instances, AWS Savings Plans, and other purchasing vehicles to make them best in class with respect to utilization and coverage of purchase optimization. Backed up by the industry’s best analytics, your Cloud Advisor can ensure that you don’t spend a penny more than you need to.

Impact of purchasing strategies on cloud infrastructure cost

Organizational Collaboration & Workflow

We have worked with hundreds of enterprises on enabling cross-functional collaboration on hybrid infrastructure optimization. It’s not just about having the right answers, it’s about enabling the organization to work together to drive optimization actions.

Densify helps enterprises introduce best practices for collaboration around cloud resource management

Cloud, Virtualization, & Container Performance Optimization

Optimization and cost savings are nothing if infrastructure performance is not maintained or improved at the same time. Densify has been monitoring and analyzing infrastructure for years and has extensive experience in ensuring that when costs come down, performance goes up.

Container platform performance optimization

Ecosystem Integration of Optimization Analytics

Optimization analytics cannot be an island or silo. Services staff have worked with hundreds of customers integrating to external data sources, ITSM technologies, infrastructure as code frameworks, orchestrators, and cloud management platforms. They can advise on the best strategies, API details and other matters of embedding Densify in your stack.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting & Optimization Progress

Most of our enterprise customers leverage Densify-native reporting or external BI solutions to drive transparency and organizational alignment toward collaborative optimization. Densify Services can share best practices and methods for ensuring that the right data gets to the right people at the right time.

Densify integrates with BI platforms like Tableau, Google Looker, Microsoft Power BI, and others

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