Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure with Intel & Densify

Intel and Densify

Densify Cloud Optimization, Sponsored by Intel for Qualifying Companies

If your organization is spending $2M+ a year in the cloud and you are concerned about costs and unneeded burn, Intel and Densify can help you find waste and performance improvements in the cloud quickly.

Intel Cloud Optimizer (ICO), powered by Densify, the market leading resource optimization analytics engine, will tell you if there are truly actionable opportunities to reduce costly excess resources safely to immediately cut cloud related burn.

  • Optimize existing infrastructure to reduce costs​ and maximize performance by optimally leveraging Intel in the cloud
  • Find the best-matching cloud instances for your workloads​
  • Modernize cloud instances onto the newest instance families​
  • Funded by Intel, no strings attached!

Intel Cloud Optimizer Supports

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

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