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Our Cloud Advisors Are Focused on Delivering Positive Outcomes for You

Your Dedicated Expert Cloud Optimization Task Force

The Densification Advisor team manages our software for you and delivers actionable, results-oriented cloud optimization guideance

Managed Machine Learning & Analytics for Your Cloud

Unlike adopting yet another software product, Densify is a complete service. We host it, maintain it, manage it. But it’s not just about SaaS delivery, you even get a Densification Advisor watching over your account to manage data collection, tune policies and run the analyses. This means no implementation, no training, no manuals—just outcomes. Our Cloud Advisors are the experts in infrastructure optimization. They act as an extension of your team, reducing your risk and costs in your hybrid cloud environment and ensuring your success with our service!

Optimization recommendations from our team of advisors

Recommendations That Deliver Meaningful Optimizations & Results

Our Cloud Advisors highlight and offer guidance on opportunities, risks, trends, and optimization strategies, so you never miss the important stuff. Insights direct your attention to underlying reasons for an issue, abnormal operations that require attention, and best practices that may relate to specific cloud instances, clusters, physical hosts, VMs and datastores. Your Densification Advisor leverages the UI’s Expert Insights capability to show you details in a summarized report or appear in-context within the analyses in the area of infrastructure they are related to. And we customize our white glove consultancy to your business needs—we can discuss findings via email, phone, web meetings—whatever best enables your personal success.

Our team highlights changes you should make and predicts the magnitude of results—so you focus on what is important

Regular, Proactive Progress Updates on Your Successes & New Opportunities

In addition to notations you get through the Densify UI, your Densification Advisor not only proactively manages your environment, they also report back to you regularly, giving you peace of mind.

Your Cloud Advisor provides:

  • Weekly status reports that summarize key aspects about your environment
  • Monthly reports on strategic optimization opportunities and ROI
  • Trend reporting to show improvement over time
Weekly reports provide ongoing insight

Results That Improve Continuously Take Advantage of The Best Practices & Growth of Leading Organizations

Our Cloud Advisors have seen it all! They manage many of the world’s largest and most complex hybrid infrastructures, and have been for years. Our team leverages that knowledge every day against your environment by tuning your policies and applying best practices.

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