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Enterprise Cloud & Container​ Cost Optimization & Control How Densify Powers FinOps at Autodesk

How Autodesk Got Serious about Cloud Cost Optimization—& Crushed It

Hear from IT, Finance, Engineering, and application owners and see how Autodesk delivers FinOps that all stakeholders trust:

eGuide: Best Practices for IT Finance & FinOps Cloud Financial Management

See the results other leading organizations are achieving and get best practices for effective cloud cost optimization.

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FinOps Analytics That Address the Total Cloud Cost Challenge



First, eliminate wasteful resource consumption at the instance level. Then, ensure ongoing, cost-effective procurement of cloud resources.



Deliver accurate optimization recommendations that Engineering and app owners will trust and action.



Over time, introduce automated execution of optimization directives through trusted workflows like ITSM and CI/CD.

How to Achieve Best-in-Class FinOps

FinOps eGuide to overcoming cloud financial management barriers

FinOps is a necessity as your enterprise cloud and container footprint grows. But, what sets the most successful organizations apart, and, how do you benchmark your enterprise’s place along its cloud financial management journey?

Download this FinOps eGuide and discover how leading organizations are smashing barriers to optimization and guaranteeing the highest cost efficiency in their clouds. You’ll learn:

  • How successful enterprises measure FinOps success
  • Which behaviors, tactics, processes, and technologies are good indicators that your organization is best in class
  • Strategies for overcoming common institutional barriers to cost management

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