COVID-19 & Densify Business Continuity

To our valued customers and partners in these uncertain times:

Please be assured that Densify has initiated its business continuity procedures to ensure both the well-being of our employees and the ability to support our customers in an uninterrupted fashion.

Densify employees have transitioned to work from home in order to adhere to government and health agency guidelines and maintain their own health and that of their families. They have been provided with the appropriate equipment, software and assistance to support our customers and ensure business operations continue unhindered.

Our global business is running normally, but perhaps most important to our customers, our SaaS Operations and Customer Success teams are business as usual. As a software as a service provider, our teams are generally mobile and work with customers around the globe across many time zones every day. The teams are accustomed to working remote, and as a regular course of business, manage infrastructure that is remote to them.

To our customers, if there are initiatives that Densify could be assisting with from an infrastructure efficiency, business continuity or stability perspective please reach to your account manager or [email protected].

About Densify

Densify is the developer of next-generation cloud and container cost management technology. Densify’s software gives enterprises the precision required for Finance and Engineering organizations to collaborate and automate the proactive specification of cloud and container resources in the most financially-prudent way. With Densify, enterprises ensure that applications continuously get the resources they need at the lowest possible spend.