Forrester Names Densify as a Leader in Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization

Toronto – June 6, 2018 – Densify, the leading cloud optimization company, today announced that independent research firm Forrester Research named the company as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization, Q2 2018. The report evaluated Densify in the context of a comprehensive report on the state of the Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization market.

Enterprise applications constantly fluctuate in their resource demands based on app usage, time of day, day of week, etc. While the largest cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud provide the infrastructure for these applications, they do not provide a means for customers to select the right resources at the right time but rather present enterprises with millions of possible permutations. With Densify’s unique machine learning, mission-critical applications are always using the proper resources at the proper time. This not only results in applications performing at their best—while meeting shifting corporate guidelines and regulations—but also saves enterprises huge sums of money.

“We are pleased to be ranked as a Leader for Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization,” said Gerry Smith, CEO of Densify. “The Densify team has worked very hard to bring our vision to market—namely making certain that mission-critical applications living in the cloud are always optimized and running in the right environments.”

It’s impossible to align application needs with the cloud technologies available while optimizing each dollar spent. Densify analyzes cloud usage patterns, enabling Densify to proactively make applications self-aware of their resource needs—matching application needs to available cloud resources. Unlike traditional cloud tools that focus on the bill but don’t fix the underlying issue, Densify goes to the heart of addressing the problem at the application and infrastructure layer.

Smith added, “While an extremely difficult and complex task, we’ve done it. All Densify customer applications are resource-smart, forever optimized and our customers’ cloud spend is plummeting as a result.”

In the Forrester Wave report, Densify ranked particularly well for its ability to provide the right cloud resource recommendations for applications, its support model and Densify’s product vision.

“[Densify] provides recommendations for spot instances and instances schedules; there is anomaly detection... The tool can automate remediation activities based on user-defined policies.” Additionally, Forrester reported that “Densify provides significant above-average support, including but not limited to superior service guarantees, extensive professional services, and ongoing proactive assistance… Densify has a strong road map with clear published objectives and milestones.”

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Densify is the developer of next-generation cloud and container cost management technology. Densify’s software gives enterprises the precision required for Finance and Engineering organizations to collaborate and automate the proactive specification of cloud and container resources in the most financially-prudent way. With Densify, enterprises ensure that applications continuously get the resources they need at the lowest possible spend.

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