Densify, The Industry's First Cloud Optimization Engine that Dramatically Reduces Enterprise Cloud Computing Costs

With Densify, Customers to Save an Average of 40% on Public Cloud Costs; ZDNet Gives Product a Rare 9.5/10 “Spectacular” Rating

Toronto – March 8, 2018 – Densify today launched the industry's first cloud optimization engine service supported by a machine-learning based analytics engine. Dedicated to bringing cloud costs down and under control, Densify enables applications to be self-aware of their resource needs. Densify customers are now saving an average of 40% on public cloud costs, with some exceeding 80%.

Application demands can fluctuate every day, hour, and minute of the week. In parallel, cloud offerings, such as a compute instance even from a single vendor like AWS can have millions of permutations. It’s impossible to align application needs with the cloud technologies available while optimizing each dollar spent. Densify analyzes cloud usage patterns, enabling Densify to proactively make applications self-aware of their resource needs—matching application needs to available cloud resources. Unlike traditional cloud tools that focus on the bill but don't fix the underlying issue, Densify goes to the heart of addressing the problem at the application and infrastructure layer.

“While applications perform an infinite number of critical tasks, they aren’t resource-smart and they are often allocated massive amounts of unneeded public cloud resources,” said Gerry Smith, CEO, Densify. “Densify becomes the resource intelligence of an application, allowing that application to be self-aware of its resource usage patterns and to perfectly re-align public cloud use to its needs. Now all of these applications are resource-smart, forever optimized and our customers’ cloud spend is plummeting as a result.”

According to a recent Gartner report “Cloud services can have a 35% underutilization rate in the absence of effective management, as resources are oversized and left idling. As an organization grows in its use of public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), its ability to monitor, manage and optimize those resources in a cost-effective manner often falls to keep pace.”1

Product benefits include:

  • Immediate savings and results in the first 48 hours of deployment
  • Multicloud support—applications are provided the right resources even when simultaneously using multiple cloud vendors; Densify recommends the best cloud technologies for the given application
  • Delivered completely as a service, there are no manuals to read, no software to install or additional staff to hire
  • Improved application performance with dramatically less cost

ZDNet recently gave the SaaS application a five star ‘Spectacular’ rating:

Overall we were very impressed by the detailed insights that can be revealed using Densify, and also the speed and apparent ease with which it comes up with its recommendations. New users can sign up for a free 14-day trial (up to 2,000 VMware/AWS workloads) but, according to Densify, most don’t need anywhere near that long to be convinced. Moreover, the subscription rate of $8 per month per VM or cloud instance seems like remarkably good value, particularly given the huge savings promised. Capable and affordable, Densify is suitable for any company struggling to get to grips with its public cloud spending.2

Densify is available today. For more information, please see

About Densify

Densify is the developer of next-generation cloud and container cost management technology. Densify’s software gives enterprises the precision required for Finance and Engineering organizations to collaborate and automate the proactive specification of cloud and container resources in the most financially-prudent way. With Densify, enterprises ensure that applications continuously get the resources they need at the lowest possible spend.

1 Gartner report: How to Identify Solutions for Managing Costs in Public Cloud IaaS; January, 2018. 2 ZDNet Product Review: Take Control of Your Public Cloud Spending; February 1, 2018;

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