Cirba Announces Integrated Expert Insight

SaaS analytics solution for capacity optimization enables individuals with little or no training to drive out cost and risk in hybrid cloud infrastructure

Toronto, Ontario – August 29, 2016 – Cirba Inc., announced a revolutionary update to its SaaS-based hybrid capacity optimization analytics, The new capability, called Expert Insight, provides customers with interactive insight and guidance on risks and opportunities in their VMware or hybrid cloud environments. This insight is delivered by’s team of optimization experts, called Densification Engineers, and is seamlessly integrated in the SaaS user interface. Customers receive notifications of a new insight, and can respond and collaborate with their Densification Engineer through Expert Insight. Along with a new simplified user interface (UI) for presenting and navigating analysis results, the solution’s new capabilities make it incredibly easy for untrained or busy users to optimize hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“Integrating domain experts directly into our SaaS software will revolutionize how IT organizations will optimize their infrastructure. Most organizations either don’t have the time or access to the right expertise to optimize capacity decisions, but with and its Expert Insight capability, they don’t have to,” said Gerry Smith, CEO of Cirba.’s best of breed analytics for optimizing IT infrastructure have been proven to drive out cost and risk in hybrid environments including internal VMware® infrastructure, Microsoft® Azure™, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM® SoftLayer® and VMware® vCloud Air. Its unique predictive workload pattern analysis provides specific, actionable recommendations on how to optimize workload hosting, placements and resource allocation decisions. The solution ensures that organizations make the best possible use of internal and public cloud infrastructure resources to meet utilization requirements, service levels, operational policy requirements while minimizing infrastructure requirements and costs.

“Nothing makes hybrid cloud infrastructure more efficient than We have taken advanced analytics that are recognized as being best of breed for infrastructure optimization and made it possible for everyone to drive substantial savings, while also reducing risk,” said Gerry Smith, CEO of Cirba. is deployed in a SaaS-based model that seamlessly integrates to an organization’s internal or public cloud infrastructure and makes it easy for an organization with or without internal capacity management expertise to drive smart capacity decisions. The new Expert Insight capability and the Densification Engineers driving the strategic insights are included as part of’s standard pricing and are available to every customer.

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