Cirba Launches SaaS-based Analytics for Densifying and De-risking Hybrid Cloud

Toronto, Ontario – May 16, 2016 -With the launch of Densify.comCirba Inc., takes away the effort and time necessary to deliver highly efficient and risk-free cloud infrastructure. At the core of is Cirba’s proven predictive analytics engine which is managed for customers by world leading Densification Engineers.

“We recognized that many IT organizations want risk-free efficiency but haven’t the manpower nor the necessary analytics to deliver. The result has been to over-provision, in some cases by a lot,” said Gerry Smith, CEO of Cirba. “With, we are offering these IT organizations very simple, fast and risk-free means to maximize infrastructure efficiency.” takes advantage of Cirba’s infrastructure control analytics software, which is used by Fortune 50 organizations to drive millions in hardware and software savings while also proactively reducing operational issues. is deployed in a SaaS based model that seamlessly integrates to an organization’s internal or public cloud infrastructure to generate actionable insights for optimization. is backed by Densification Engineers who help customers tune their automated densification machine. currently supports internal VMware® infrastructure, Microsoft® Azure™, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM® SoftLayer®.

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About Cirba Inc.

Cirba has re-imagined infrastructure control for the software-defined era.
We’re enabling the world’s most successful organizations to scientifically balance infrastructure supply and application demand – creating a demand-driven approach to infrastructure management that maximizes efficiency and cost-savings while reducing risk.
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