Cirba Listed as a Representative Vendor In Gartner® Report on Dynamic Optimization Technology for its Real-Time VM Placements for Cloud Infrastructure

Toronto, Ontario – April 12, 2016 –Cirba Inc., the leading provider of software-defined infrastructure control software has been listed as a representative vendor in Gartner®’s February 2016 report titled “Innovation Insight on Dynamic Optimization Technology for Infrastructure Resources and Cloud Services.”

“Cirba determines the best hosting environment for applications in real time, and because our analytics are accessible through a web services API, this allows high degrees of automation in cloud and greenfield environments,” said Andrew Hillier, CTO & co-founder of Cirba. “Also, this placement analysis is predictive in nature, and Cirba is designed to work with, not against, standard load-balancers such as VMware® DRS or OpenStack Watcher. This is ideal for preventing risk while at the same time driving significantly higher efficiencies, providing the best of both worlds.”

Hillier added, “Cirba’s predictive analytics support all placement scenarios such as new applications coming online, re-routing existing apps to a different environment, and even modeling of upcoming server and storage changes that may impact where an app should go. In all of these cases Cirba is unique in its ability to model an environment and all of the workloads that are in it in order to determine the best possible placement. Other more reactive approaches to placement not only conflict with standard load-balancers, but make placement decisions based on very limited point in time models, which leads to performance issues and excessive VM motioning.”

Cirba’s analytics automatically optimize VM routing and placement decisions considering all the utilization requirements, alongside policies such as business policies, compliance rules, and even software licensing boundaries technical requirements, software licensing considerations, etc. Cirba is unique in its ability to choose the best hosting environment for workloads in real time and it also dovetails workloads in a way that is analogous to the game of Tetris®, to safely densify infrastructure by an average of 48 percent in virtual and cloud hosting environments.

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