Cirba and Arista Provide Network Aware Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Toronto, Ontario – March 1, 2016 – Cirba Inc., the leading provider of software-defined infrastructure control software, today announced support for Arista’s software-driven cloud networking solutions. Cirba’s analytics now incorporate rich metrics available from Arista to drive precise network-aware VM routing and placement decisions. By combining Cirba’s leading infrastructure control analytics and Arista’s advanced solutions such as Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) with telemetry and cloud bursting capabilities (including Latency Analyzer LANZ and Virtual Machine Tracer), customers can now significantly reduce risk and attain unprecedented levels of efficiency and agility.

“Cirba analytics are uniquely able to determine the best execution venue for applications in hybrid cloud infrastructure, and our partnership with Arista enables us to seamlessly include detailed network data in those decisions,” said Andrew Hillier, CTO & co-founder, Cirba. “The ability to leverage Arista’s advanced metrics, such as LANZ buffer utilization, ensures that VM routing and placement will proactively optimize the use of resources and avoid performance issues within running environments.”

“The combination of workflow telemetry delivered by Arista EOS and CloudVision® and Cirba’s placement analytics, support next generation data center customers and their migration to private, or hybrid clouds,” stated Ed Chapman, vice president business development and alliances for Arista. “The joint solution enables rapid placement of virtual workloads with programmable placement and optimization.”

Arista’s leaf-spine architecture ensures nodes are only two hops away enabling greater flexibility in workload hosting decisions than traditional networks, eliminating potential latency issues. This flexibility increases workload mobility, providing significant efficiency and agility benefits, but at the same time puts greater emphasis on making smart decisions as to where to place a VM within an environment. If not controlled intelligently, this greater flexibility creates increased potential for VM placements to violate business policies, compliance rules, and even software licensing boundaries. Cirba’s analytics automatically optimize VM routing and placements considering all the utilization requirements, alongside policies, technical requirements, software licensing considerations, etc.

Cirba also dovetails workloads in a way that is analogous to the game of Tetris®, to safely densify infrastructure by an average of 48 percent in virtual and cloud hosting environments. Where Arista’s cloud networking is available, Cirba optimizes “beyond the cluster” by optimally placing VMs on an enterprise-wide scale, effectively playing a “bigger game of Tetris” across the whole portfolio of infrastructure assets, driving significant increases in efficiency.

To see a short demonstration of Cirba’s network aware-placements leveraging Arista data visit Cirba’s Web site at


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