Ovum Report Finds Cirba Analytics Reduce Software Licensing Requirements Through VM Placements

Analyst report examines the impact of software-defined control on efficiency and risk reduction in virtual and cloud infrastructure

Toronto, Ontario – March 25, 2015 – Cirba Inc., the leading provider of software-defined infrastructure control solutions, today announced a recent SWOT Assessment published by Ovum finds Cirba to provide a high level of benefit in addressing the over provisioning of software licenses in virtual and cloud infrastructure. Authored by Alan Rodger, senior analyst, enterprise ICT management, the report highlights how traditional management software is not capable of solving these problems. 

“Cirba can eliminate server VM sprawl, implement policy-based control over the ongoing VM placement, and optimize overall virtualized operations, saving a potentially large proportion of existing licensing and maintenance costs for hardware and software,” says Rodger. “Among a number of existing customers, Cirba has enabled savings that are not publicly disclosed, but are recognized by Ovum as being transformational in scale.”

Efficiency and performance of infrastructure in modern IT environments is determined by how an organization chooses to meet application demand with internal and external infrastructure options. The Ovum report finds Cirba’s solution balances infrastructure supply and application demand while reducing risk, aiding in service improvement and increasing cost savings. The report also analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the solution.

“As organizations start their journey to the software-defined data center, it is important to understand how adopting a policy-based approach will help to control all the moving parts within the infrastructure,” said Gerry Smith, president and CEO at Cirba.

Leveraged by many of the world’s largest IT operations, Cirba’s software-defined infrastructure control balances application demand with infrastructure supply to maximize efficiency and enable unprecedented levels of automation.

To download this report or for more information about Cirba, please visit: http://www.cirba.com/forms/PR-SWOT-Assessment-Cirba-8.2.htm.


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