Densify Leadership

Management Team

Gerry Smith

Gerry Smith CEO

Riyaz Somani

Riyaz Somani Co-founder & President

Andrew Hillier

Andrew Hillier Co-founder & CTO

Cynthia Bliss

Cynthia Bliss CFO

Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes VP, Operations & Support

Ayman Gabarin

Ayman Gabarin SVP, Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Brian E. Higgins

Brian E. Higgins VP, Contracts & Risk Management

Chuck Tatham

Chuck Tatham SVP, Business Development

Ray Boots

Ray Boots VP, Customer Management

Helen Tsantsoulas

Helen Tsantsoulas VP, Finance & Administration Operations

Henry Jurgens

Henry Jurgens VP, Product Management

Jeff Pauze

Jeff Pauze SVP, Engineering

Max Staines

Max Staines SVP, Sales

Andy Walton

Andy Walton VP, Technical Sales

Mikhail Kouznetsov

Mikhail Kouznetsov VP, Product Strategy

Tom Yuyitung

Tom Yuyitung Chief Architect

Board of Directors

Gerry Smith CEO, Densify

Michael Woeller

John Mandile Managing Director, Sigma Partners

Ed Kilroy CEO, MedAvail

Ben Fathi Head of Engineering, CloudFlare

Robert Youngjohns Senior Adviser, McKinsey & Company


Barry Goldsmith Partner & Co-founder, Updata Partners

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