Intel Cloud Optimization with
ENGIE Digital

Customer Testimonial

ENGIE Digital & IT’s Darwin platform, managing 500 renewable assets in 25 countries, faced cloud cost challenges. With the Intel® Cloud Optimizer seamless implementation and its recommendations, the Darwin Team achieved significant cost savings in a few weeks. the end of the project we reached 15% of cost reduction which was much more than our objective.

[Video transcript]

My name Sebastien Gauthier I’m working at ENGIE Digital in Lyon.

ENGIE is a group dedicated to low carbon energy and energy services. I’m in charge of the Darwin delivery team which is managing the building, the running, the infrastructure, the cyber security of the Darwin platform.

Darwin is a platform dedicated to renewable energy specialized on maintenance and operation for renewable assets, in particular solar and wind farms.

We have today more than 500 wind and solar assets deployed in 25 different countries.

As Darwin is 100% hosted in the cloud the main challenge for the financial scalability is to be able to correctly evaluate but also forecast the cost of our cloud hosting.

Intel presented to us the Intel® Cloud Optimizer program that could help us on that.  To be honest it was quite simple. We started with a first introduction about Densify by Intel teams and then we studied with the Densify Team how to set up the connection between Darwin and Densify backend then we just simply implemented the procedure and it worked at once the first time.

The only concerns we had were about the recommendation themselves so that’s why at the beginning we challenged a lot Densify recommendations and there was a technical advisor there always answering our question or show us the computation or why Densify has done that so it was very helpful to just to go faster and to apply the recommendation and to trust the tool.

We had a challenge at the beginning that was to cancel a price increase by our cloud provider which was 11% and at the end of the project we reached 15% of cost reduction which was much more than our objective, so clearly the collaboration with Intel team with the Intel® Cloud Optimizer is a huge success. Short term we had the savings that we wanted to obtain but now on long-term perspective it’s a tool that we are using daily.

I hope it’s a long-term relationship with Intel. The support provided by Intel and Densify was very strong it’s one of the key element of the success of this project.