Densify Named a Market Leader in GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Resource Optimization

calendar June 27, 2023

In June 2023 GigaOm named Densify as both a Leader and an “Outperformer” in its new report “Radar for Cloud Resource Optimization”. This was particularly meaningful to us for a few reasons.

The first, obviously to be recognized for the unique capabilities that we have worked so hard on for years, but also because GigaOm did what other analyst firms have not yet done; created a specific report about the importance of Resource Optimization as a distinct and important category of software functionality.

IT Industry analysts perform an important role in the market by helping categorize and evaluate software vendors for corporate buyers. In the world of IT management software, the scope of functionality is extremely broad and varied…..which makes it an almost impossible task for analysts to bring some sort of structure to the different areas of functionality, and to group vendors in a way that makes them comparable at a meaningful level.

That is, unless you get very specific to particular functionality. In the case of general “Cloud Optimization” solutions, to cover the broad spectrum of solutions that could make up a report, you need to loop many products into an overall category that covers cloud cost optimization. So although it seems like a logical grouping, the problem is that the scope of functionality inside that designation is very broad. Reports cover more vendors, but frustrating for the vendors who invariably get compared to others with functionality that isn’t comparable! Also hard for buyers because they end up with very high level information that does not get into the detail where the differences are truly found.

GigaOm got it right when they chose to look specifically at “Cloud Resource Optimization”, a deep topic in its own right, but focussed in a way to be useful.

If you care about being able to actually change the consumption of cloud resources to drive down cost and improve performance, please take the time to review this focused research!

Densify GigaOm leader for cloud optimization in 2023
Densify GigaOm outperformer for cloud optimization in 2023