Densify Talks, Building a Culture of Continuous Cloud Optimization with Luke Travers

calendar August 14, 2023

On this episode of Densify Talks, Andrew and Luke discuss an array of topics surrounding building a culture of continuous cloud optimization. They delve into the importance of completeness and contextualization when making recommendations, stressing the potential impact of missing factors or terms. The discussion also touches on different industries and their unique peak periods, highlighting the significance of providing accurate answers to customers to build trust.

The episode takes a deep dive into containers, giving a unique perspective on their evolution and status. Andrew and Luke share valuable insights about their advantages, flexibility, and the challenges that both cloud-native and non-native companies face when optimizing systems.

Andrew and Luke also explore the challenges of resource allocation at scale and the potential financial consequences of neglecting proper optimization. There’s a lot more discussed, and we hope you enjoy this insightful episode of Densify Talks as we unpack the intricacies of cloud computing, optimization, and the evolving landscape of containers and Serverless architecture.

About our guest:

Luke Travers, FinOps Specialist and Principal Cloud Architect at a major South Korean e-Commerce company.

With over 14 years of experience in IT and 7 years focused on cloud technologies, Luke is an accomplished FinOps Specialist and Principal Cloud Architect.

Hailing from Australia and currently residing in Seoul, Korea, his journey has provided him with a deep understanding of global markets. His passion lies in optimizing cloud costs, fortifying cloud infrastructure, and driving business growth. With a proven track record in Cloud FinOps, he takes pride in delivering tangible cost optimization opportunities.

About Densify Talks:

Densify Talks is a podcast hosted by Andrew Hillier, Co-Founder and CTO of Densify, a cloud optimization software company. The podcast is focused on interviews with IT and technical leaders and innovators who have experience in delivering cloud and Kubernetes-based infrastructure within large enterprises.

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