Densify Announces Appointment of Rosemary Schooler to its Board of Directors

calendar May 30, 2023

Welcome, Rose!

We are fortunate to have Rose join our board; and here is some perspective on why..

The infrastructure market is going through a monumental shift, whereby, in the near future, software will run on infrastructure that is determined by software. This shift is what Densify embodies – Software that optimally selects and scales the infrastructure to meet users’ requirements across performance and cost.

Densify has taken the position that developing our optimization software requires a thorough understanding of not only the available cloud and container infrastructure but also the innovations on the horizon. This approach requires an in-depth knowledge of the infrastructure market and the major companies and individuals participating. To that end, we are extremely lucky to have Rose join our Board of Directors. She has over 30 years of in-depth knowledge developing and implementing infrastructure strategies around the globe.

Also, Densify looks for intelligent and passionate people across the company, including our board members. If you have had the pleasure of working with Rose, you know that this exactly the type of person she is.. super smart, fun and driven.

Welcome aboard Rose, and thanks so much for joining our team.

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