Densify Talks, Automated Cloud Instance Selection with Josh Hilliker from Intel

calendar July 17, 2023

On this episode of Densify Talks, Josh and Andrew discuss automated instance selection and the importance of letting machines make the resource decisions as cloud environments scale. Speaking from the perspective of a hardware manufacturer, Josh offers unique insight into some of the criteria that affect the performance and cost of hosting apps in the cloud, and how to leverage “optimization as code” to automate the optimization process. He also provides insight into the latest Intel hardware accelerators, and the cloud instances that they are available on.

About our guest:

Josh Hilliker is the Principal Engineer and Senior Director, Cloud-Native Solutions & Tools, Data Center Sales at Intel Corporation.

Josh leads a team of industry certified Cloud Solutions Architects, meant to engage strategic Enterprises and Digital Service Providers accounts to optimize Cloud Strategies, Capital Investments, and deployable technologies to serve their mission outcomes.

As a recognized Intel Principal Engineer, Josh draws on a wealth of experiences in technical, business, and external engagements to chart a course to help customers match business outcomes with best practices, and best technologies.

About Densify Talks:

Densify Talks is a podcast hosted by Andrew Hillier, Co-Founder and CTO of Densify, a cloud optimization software company. The podcast is focused on interviews with IT and technical leaders and innovators who have experience in delivering cloud and Kubernetes-based infrastructure within large enterprises.

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