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How to Adopt Continuous Optimization in AWS Using CloudFormation

How to Adopt Continuous Optimization in AWS Using CloudFormation

Dinesh Raveendran | November 18, 2019 Read this Article
AWS Savings Plans Explained

AWS Savings Plans Explained

Paul Montaigne | November 7, 2019 Read this Article
How to Make All Business Stakeholders Happy through Cloud Management

How to Make All Business Stakeholders Happy through Cloud Management

Frank Wang | April 29, 2019 Read this Article

Make the Most of AWS Auto Scaling

Frank Wang | March 7, 2019 Read this Article

How to Ensure Your Kubernetes Containers Have Optimal Resources

Frank Wang | March 5, 2019 Read this Article

How to Increase Cloud Resource Utilization with Automation

Jason Bloomberg | October 16, 2018 Read this Article

When Selecting Cloud Instances is Mission: Impossible, Machine Learning is Your Secret Weapon

Frank Wang | September 11, 2018 Read this Article

Amazon EC2 T3 Instances: Selecting Best-Match Workloads for AWS T3s

Frank Wang | August 24, 2018 Read this Article

VMworld 2018 US: Densify Showcases Next-Generation Cloud Optimization

Frank Wang | August 16, 2018 Read this Article

Amazon Announces New EC2 Instance Types

Frank Wang | July 19, 2018 Read this Article

Cloud Optimization & the FIFA World Cup

Frank Wang | July 12, 2018 Read this Article

Enimbos, the Cloud Enabler Company, Appointed as Densify Service Provider for Spain

Frank Wang | July 5, 2018 Read this Article

Why Self-Optimizing Apps Are the Future of Cloud

Frank Wang | June 27, 2018 Read this Article

Cloud Computing Sticker Shock Should End, Now!

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Densify Named Best of VMworld 2017 Gold Winner for Workload Management and Migration

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Cloud Optimization Done for You

Optimal Infrastructure Control is both Predictive & Realtime

IT is now the cloud broker. Here are 3 priorities for doing it well.

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