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Intel Optimization Hub

Intel Optimization Hub

Andrew Hillier | October 19, 2022 Read this Article
The Path to Continuous Cloud Optimization

The Path to Continuous Cloud Optimization

Joel Pereira | June 22, 2022 Read this Article
Densify Wins Intel 2022 Partner of the Year for Software Innovation

Densify Wins Intel 2022 Partner of the Year for Software Innovation

Chuck Tatham | May 25, 2022 Read this Article

Surviving the Server Chip Shortage

Ray Boots | February 14, 2022 Read this Article

Forecasting Kubernetes Costs

Brett Philp | October 27, 2021 Read this Article

The World Needs More Phrases Ending In “Ops”

Andrew Hillier | July 9, 2021 Read this Article

Continuous Optimization in AWS CodePipeline using CloudFormation

Dinesh Raveendran | February 11, 2021 Read this Article

How to Maximize Cost Savings with AWS Savings Plans

Tom Yuyitung | December 11, 2020 Read this Article

How to Manage AWS Cost Outliers

Chris Newton | November 11, 2020 Read this Article

How to Choose the Right Google Cloud Compute Engine Machine Type

Mikhail Kouznetsov | November 4, 2020 Read this Article

Cloud Cost Optimization with HashiCorp Terraform

Faisal Mohammad | October 28, 2020 Read this Article

Densify Achieves Red Hat Operator Certification

October 10, 2020 Read this Article

ITSM Change Management to Control Continuous Cost Optimization

Dinesh Raveendran | July 17, 2020 Read this Article

Cost Optimization Tips from AWS Summit Online

Scaling OpenShift Container Resources using Ansible

Understanding & Leveraging AWS Auto Scaling Groups

How to Deploy OKD Minishift onto a Publicly-Hosted VM

Continuously Optimize Your AWS Resources with CloudFormation

When to Use AWS Graviton2 Instances

COVID-19 & Densify Business Continuity

Shadow-Soft & Densify Partner to Bring Cloud Resource Management & Automation to Enterprise Hybrid Environments

Densify Successfully Defends Patent Rights Against VMware

Cloud Autoscaling Explained

3 Cloud Service Management Challenges

Cloud Computing Basics

AWS Compute Optimizer Explained

Key Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2019

Densify Joins the AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program

5 Cloud & Container Management Challenges You Need to Address Today

Densify & Veristor Partner to Help Customers Better Manage Complex Public Cloud Resources for Enhanced Performance & Cost Control

Commentary on Forrester’s Q4 2020 Cloud Cost Management and Optimization Report

Densify Releases New Cloud Cost Intelligence Product

ISG Names Densify a Rising Star

Survey Reveals Cloud Application Availability, Security & Cost As the Highest Priorities

How to Make All Business Stakeholders Happy through Cloud Management

Densify Files Lawsuit Against VMware Seeking to Stop Infringement of Densify’s Patents

Densify Brings Machine Learning to Automated Optimization of Containers

Make the Most of AWS Auto Scaling

How to Ensure Your Kubernetes Containers Have Optimal Resources

Survey Indicates Fast Container Adoption is Driving Google Cloud Usage & Public Cloud Overspend

Executive Decision Makers from World’s Large Enterprises & Partners Gather to Tackle the Challenges & Opportunities of Cloud & Containers

Densify Hybrid Cloud Business Grows Over 300% in FY2018

How to Increase Cloud Resource Utilization with Automation

Densify Launches Cloud Industry’s First Optimization as Code Product, Allowing All Applications to Self-Optimize, Saving Cloud Customers Millions

Densify Named ‘Best Cloud Management Solution of the Year’ at Cloud Excellence Awards

When Selecting Cloud Instances is Mission: Impossible, Machine Learning is Your Secret Weapon

Amazon EC2 T3 Instances: Selecting Best-Match Workloads for AWS T3s

Cloud Optimization & the FIFA World Cup

Arrow Electronics Appointed as Densify Distributor for EMEA

Enimbos, the Cloud Enabler Company, Appointed as Densify Service Provider for Spain

Why Self-Optimizing Apps Are the Future of Cloud

Cloud Computing Sticker Shock Should End, Now!

Forrester Names Densify as a Leader in Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization

Stay Ahead of Public Cloud Service Changes

Cirba to Showcase Automated Capacity Control at Cisco Live

Densify Appoints DataSolutions as Distribution Partner for the UK and Ireland

Densify, The First Cloud Optimization Engine that Dramatically Reduces Enterprise Cloud Computing Costs

Relational Database Services – Not Quite as Simple as They Seem

Standard or Custom Cloud Instances? How to Decide?

Why Saving 30% on Your Cloud Deployments May Be a Bad Deal

Densify to Sponsor Ryan Ellis & The #78 Toyota in The NASCAR XFINITY Series at Daytona

Don’t Have Reservations About Your Reserved Instances

Densify Survey Reveals Misalignment between Public Cloud Usage and Application Needs is Costing Billions

Auto-Scaling Cloud Applications: Practice is Harder Than Theory

How to use container stacking to drive cloud savings of 80%

Using Containers to Reduce Public Cloud Costs

What Today’s Overburdened Cloud Architect Needs to Succeed

Right-sizing Public Cloud Instances Can Cut Costs 20%-40%

Solving the Cloud Placement Puzzle Requires Science – Not Guesswork

Is Your Cloud Approach the Right Approach?

How to Eliminate Deadwood in AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud Platform Without Risking Disaster

How to Modernize Public Cloud Instances to Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Why Controlling Public Cloud Costs is so Difficult & What to Do About It

How to Size Your Cloud Instances for Memory

How to Avoid the Sneaky (and Costly) Public Cloud Instance “Bump-Up” Loop

How to Choose the Right Public Cloud Instances to Reduce Costs and Optimize App Performance

Densify Named Best of VMworld 2017 Gold Winner for Workload Management and Migration

Lowering Public Cloud Cost without Loading Up on Risk

Cirba (Densify) Unveils Optimization Service for Public Cloud and On-Premise Virtual Infrastructure

Cirba Extends Real-Time Optimization Capabilities in Densify, Its Market Leading Cloud Analytics Service

Optimal Infrastructure Control is both Predictive & Realtime

IT is now the cloud broker. Here are 3 priorities for doing it well.

Cirba named Top 10 Cloud Solution Provider and Company of the Month by IT Infra World

Best Practices for Cloud Migration: Step One is Qualifying Candidates

IDC joins Densify to examine the role of Hybrid Capacity Analytics in Multicloud Strategies

Why Capacity Control is Essential in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Densify delivers Hybrid Capacity Analytics for Cloud Migration

Cirba to present its Hybrid Cloud Capacity Analytics at the Montgomery Summit

EMA joins Densify to evaluate How Analytics Address the Biggest Challenges in Public Cloud Adoption

Best Practices For Cloud Migration: How to get it right

Cirba Integrates Infrastructure Control Analytics with Hybrid Cloud Solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Cirba Hosts Fourth Annual Product Advisor Conference on Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Cirba Announces Cloud Migration and Cloud Cost Optimization Analytics

Cirba Announces Integrated Expert Insight

Cirba Releases Version 9.0 Automating Workload Placement Decisions Across AWS, Microsoft® Azure™, and IBM® Softlayer®

Cirba Launches SaaS-based Analytics for Densifying and De-risking Hybrid Cloud

Cirba and FIS to discuss Cloud Optimization Success at CIO Cloud Summit

Cirba Study of AWS, Azure™ and SoftLayer® shows Key Steps to Dramatically Reducing Costs

Cirba Listed as a Representative Vendor In Gartner® Report on Dynamic Optimization Technology for its Real-Time VM Placements for Cloud Infrastructure

Cirba Announces 5 Steps to Understanding the Hidden Dangers of Reactive IT Control Systems

Cirba and Arista Provide Network Aware Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Cirba Announces Hybrid Cloud Routing Analytics

Cirba Hosts Third Annual Product Advisory Conference on Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

Cirba to Discuss Importance of Predictive Analytics in Software-Defined Infrastructure at Gartner Data Centre Conferences

Cirbas Software-Defined Infrastructure Control Now Supports EMC® Storage

Ben Fathi, Former VMware® CTO, Joins Cirba board of directors

Cirba brings IBM® Cloud Orchestrator Customers Software-Defined Control over VM Placements

Cirba to Present at VMworld® Europe on Why Software-Defined Infrastructure Requires an Analytics-Driven Control Plane

Cirba Adds Intelligence to VMware® VSphere® DRS to Combine Software-Defined Control with Real Time Response

Cirba Issues Statement: Control is at the Center of the Software-Defined Data Center

Cirba Extends Infrastructure Control Analytics to NetApp®

Cirba to Present the Benefits of an Analytics-Driven Control Plane in Software-Defined Infrastructure at Gartner Catalyst Conference

Experts from Cirba And Fidelity National Information Services to speak on IT Infrastructure Densification at FSI Transformation Assembly

Cirba to Discuss Software-Defined Infrastructure at Gartner IT Conferences

Experts from Cirba and IBM to Discuss Software-Defined Infrastructure Control at Private Sector IT Assembly

Cirba Leads Panel Featuring Experts From Cisco, Red Hat And IDG Connect On Path To Becoming Software-Defined

Ovum Report Finds Cirba Analytics Reduce Software Licensing Requirements Through VM Placements

Cirba to Speak at Wall Street Technology Association Panel on “Software-Defined Everything”

Cirba Hosts Product Advisory Conference on Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

irba to Speak on Software-Defined Infrastructure Control at Gartner Data Center Conferences

Cirba to Present at FSI Transformation Assembly

Cirba CEO Inducted Into University Of Torontos Hall Of Distinction

Cirba to Present the True Path to Becoming Software-Defined at VMworld Europe 2014

Cirba Announces Support for Amazon Web Services and IBM SoftLayer, Enabling Routing and Operational Control for Hybrid Cloud

Cirba Issues Statement: Control Analytics Essential to Adopting Software-Defined Networking

Cirba Executives Speaking at Key Upcoming Industry Events

Cirba Announces Board Member Barry Goldsmith

Cirba Appoints New Board Member Ed Kilroy

Cirba Now Provides Business and Application-Centric Control of IT Infrastructure Supply and Demand

Cirba Appoints Dell Services Veteran Michael Marketo as Senior Vice President, Services

Cirba Signs Gotham as Reseller for Automated Capacity Control

Cirba Advances Partner Program with Addition of Outsourcers and Cloud Service Provider Categories

Cirba President and CEO Gerry Smith to Discuss Balancing IT Infrastructure Supply and Demand at OASIS: The Montgomery Summit

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