Automated, proactive right-sizing and optimization of storage resources

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Automated proactive right-sizing of VM disk allocations

Densify offers policy-based disk allocation recommendations to ensure that applications always have the right amount of virtual storage allocated. Simply set your policies and get automated VM disk allocation bump ups and scheduled bump downs.

Automate VM routing involving complex storage decisions.

Densify considers all workload requirements when determining the optimal host environment for a workload, even complex storage needs such as multi-disk requirements storage, tiering, and thin provisioning. This ensures that your apps get access to the resources required without over-specifying and over-allocating.

VM placements that balance demand across datastores.

Densify's routing decisions can also help free up stranded storage resources by placing VMs appropriately to use up capacity or avoid bottlenecks while considering all the other demands on resources.

Visibility into Storage Status and Connected VMs.

Densify provides visibility into physical storage, datastore health and the VMs connected to those resources. This reveals which storage resources have excess capacity, which are appropriately utilized and those that are low on capacity so that users can understand which VMs may be at risk of a shortfall.

Accurate storage forecasting based on the demand pipeline.

Through future workload reservations, Densify shows demand on physical and logical storage resources today, and actual planned demand in the future.

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