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Modern core and processor based software licensing models like the ones available for Microsoft®’s Windows® Server - Data Center Edition software licensing, enables you to license an entire physical host server and run an unlimited number of instances on that machine. To take advantage of this model, you need to place VMs with a view to minimize host licensing requirements and maximize density. Densify optimizes placements to do just that, saving you an average of 55% on Microsoft Windows Server - Data Center Edition by:

  1. Reducing the number of processors/hosts requiring licenses by maximizing VM density and isolating licensed VMs from those not requiring the licenses.
  2. Avoiding sprawl, by containing the licensed VMs on the licensed physical servers, by restricting placements of licensed VMs to the designated physical servers ensuring ongoing licensing compliance and efficiency.

Keep Control As New Workloads Enter Optimized Environment

Critical to keeping control over time is ensuring that as new VMs enter the environment that require the license, they land on licensed servers and VMs are fit together across the licensed hosts in order to maximize efficiency. Densify optimizes placements for Densify optimizes placements for:

  • Existing VMs with its own rebalancing moves and also programs VMware DRS rules to ensure ongoing compliance automatically.
  • New VMs entering an environment by placing them on appropriately licensed servers, while taking into account the pipeline of demand to understand potential growth.

Fix the Problem Before Renewals Are Due.

Don’t wait to address licensing until renewal time or when you run out. Optimizing environments even mid-contract helps manage growth to avoid expansion and when it comes time to renew, you have an accurate handle on what you require now, in the future to save on maintenance.

Some of the packages Densify has been leveraged to optimize include:

Learn how a customer saved $5M in Windows® Server Datacenter Licensing

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