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Densify’s Proactive and Reactive Automation Capabilities

Densify’s Proactive and Real-Time Automation Capabilities

Densify provides organizations with the best of both worlds-automated proactive optimization and real time response. This video provides an overview of those capabilities.

5 minutes

CMG Webcast: gated located on the video page

Webcast with CMG: How Capacity Managers Enable IT to Become a Broker of Services in a Hybrid Cloud World

This Webcast explores how to scientifically analyze application demands and requirements against a diverse set of hosting venues and capabilities in order to determine the optimal "portfolio" of infrastructure to meet the needs of the business.

70 minutes

Why you need analytics to optimize & migrate to hybrid cloud - DB LP

Why You Need Analytics To Optimize And Migrate To Hybrid Cloud

Watch this short video to learn how the right analytics helps migrate to hybrid cloud safely and efficiently. You’ll see why it’s important to understand the nature of your workloads to make the right decisions.

10 minutes Demo: SaaS analytics for optimizing and migrating to hybrid cloud Demo: SaaS Analytics For Optimizing And Migrating To Hybrid Cloud

See how works, its use cases and capabilities, and learn how it can help your organization de-risk, automate and save on hybrid cloud.

15 minutes

EMA webcast for website

Webcast with EMA: How Analytics Optimize Migration to AWS, Azure and Other Public Clouds

In this one hour-webcast, Torsten Volk (EMA) and Andrew Hillier (Cirba), show you how to avoid major risks associated with cloud migration using comprehensive, intelligent analytics.

63 minutes

IDC webcast: for the website with form

Webcast with IDC: Why Multi-Cloud Strategies Require Hybrid Capacity Analytics

Watch Andrew Hillier (Cirba) and Mary Johnston Turner (IDC) present success strategies for multi-cloud management, including best practices, benefits of app-centric resource and cost optimization analytics and cost of getting it wrong.

58 minutes

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