Our Densification Advisors serve up
hefty helpings of Expert Insight

Expert Insight is unique to Densify.com. It’s just that – strategic insights and observations from our Densification Advisors about your environment - delivered straight from your Densify.com instance.

Part sage, part genius – they’re your ace in the hole.

Our Densification Advisors are the experts in infrastructure optimization. These analysts have seen it all, having worked to optimize many of the world’s largest and most complex environments. Every Densify.com customer gets a personal Densification Advisor to watch over your environment, perform detailed analysis and give strategic insight into how to optimize your on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.

Think of it like cliff notes, only smarter.

Expert Insights highlight and offer guidance on opportunities, risks, trends, and optimization strategies so you never miss the important stuff. Insights may relate to specific cloud instances, clusters, physical hosts, VMs and datastores or provide overall observations of general trends. These insights direct your attention to underlying reasons for an issue, abnormal operations that require attention, and other deeper insights.

Access to insight just the way you want it.

Expert Insights can be consumed in the way that is easiest for you. They are available right in your Densify.com instance in a summarized list, and also appear in-context within the analyses in the area of infrastructure they are related to. This provides a running commentary that you can respond to and enabling you to collaborate with your Densification Advisor online. Your Densification Advisor is also available via old school means – email, phones and Web meetings – any way you like it.

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