Hybrid Capacity Analytics & Expert Insight.

Densify.com is hybrid capacity analytics that automates capacity control to proactively remove risk while establishing the lowest infrastructure cost for hybrid clouds. It’s not just SaaS analytics, it’s also expert guidance so you never have to open a software manual.

We give the right answers for today and tomorrow.

Getting the right placement, allocation and balance of application demand vs. resource supply for any hybrid cloud environment is a multi-faceted challenge. It requires predictive analytics that understand the deep intraday utilization patterns of application workloads. Densify.com leverages an incredibly powerful combination of predictive analytics, best practice automation & policies considering of all other critical requirements (like security, service levels, regulatory, software licensing, storage, cost, etc) to properly place and size workloads, reducing cost and risk. Whether those workloads are in internal, public clouds or bare metal environments.

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Platform support for:

We make it easy to see what to do and why.

Dashboards and detailed reports make it easy to get right to the answers you need and drill down into the details behind why those recommendations were made. Our easily customized reports also enable you to get custom views of anything you want. And you can always slice and dice your views by line of business, application group or region – whatever way makes sense to you! So stop relying on black box operations and get some real insight into your infrastructure.

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Automated proactive optimization, automated real-time response

Densify offers the most comprehensive solution for automating cloud and infrastructure optimization. Our predictive analytics know what your workloads will do before they do it. This enables proactive optimization that simultaneously prevents resource contention while increasing efficiency in hybrid cloud. Our real-time response capabilities offer the perfect complement to this, acting as a safety net for operational anomalies that cannot be predicted based on historical operational patterns. Now that’s automated action you can trust.

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We make intelligent, automated, real-time hosting decisions for your apps.

The Reservation Console automatically, in real-time, chooses the best hosting environment for your application workloads across on-premise and public cloud infrastructure. We use our deep understanding of your detailed workload requirements (utilization, technical, operational, business policies and priorities) to rank potential hosting environments according to cost, occupancy and fit-for-purpose criteria (security, software, OS, HA, storage, proximity, SDN transport zones, NFV componentry, etc). We even reserve capacity for you in the target host environment to ensure it's available for your workload when it's ready to be placed. With our complete visibility into your requirements and the capabilities of all your infrastructure, only Densify.com is capable of effectively balancing your workload demand across your infrastructure supply.

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We optimize on-prem and public cloud to reduce waste and risk simultaneously.

Densify.com's unique predictive analytics optimize resource allocations and VM placements across all your hosting environments, for dramatically lower cost and risk. We are the only analytics solution that understands the detailed intraday workload patterns in order to optimally size and dovetail VMs together on on-prem and bare metal infrastructure. The result is significantly higher efficiency and lower risk. In public cloud we provide visibility into billing and right sizing to ensure you are always making the best possible use of those expensive resources.

Infrastructure Optimization

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Software License Control

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Storage Optimization

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We enable smart, efficient transformations - P2V, V2V, tech refresh, data center consolidation.

Our Transformation Console analytics set the standard for server consolidation. Our best practice, policy-driven analytics provide detailed prescriptive consolidation and migration plans that enable you to qualify candidates, compare hosting environments, optimize placements and resource allocations, plan move groups and waves for a wide range of scenarios. Getting you there faster with less risk and lower cost.

Migrate to cloud

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Advanced transformations

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We’ve got your back.

Densification Advisors provide Expert Insight into analysis results and deliver those to you via Densify.com – think of them as your own personal advisor in the cloud.

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We've got SaaS.

Densify.com is rapidly enabled through a simple SaaS model that gets up and running in minutes so you can see the value in days. We also have an on-premise version if you really can’t go there.

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