IT Finance Gain Visibility & Control of Cloud Spend

IT Finance Faces Tough Challenges

IT Finance plays a crucial role in helping to manage cloud consumption costs. They face complex billing data based on consumption and have must solve challenges around reconciling costs to business units, reporting financial metrics, and ensuring budgets are being adhered to. When creating processes and solutions for these challenges there are additional considerations such as:

  • Lack of visibility into actual cloud usage
  • Cloud spend growing out of control
  • No central control and governance over resources selection, costs, and tagging

Densify Helps IT Finance Keep Up

The friction point that comes out all the time is taking the traditional capex-based approach and using it to buy cloud. There’s a lot of fundamental differences between the two and there’s a lot of friction an disconnect that happens because of that. Densify’s solution provides the data and intelligence to make fact-based, smarter buying and consumption decisions in the spirit of progressive automation.

Chris White, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, ClearEdge Partners

Cloud Cost Management & Reporting for IT Finance

Densify is an analytics service that makes your cloud self-optimizing by continuously and perfectly matching your applications’ demands to the optimal cloud supply. Densify gathers your detailed billing information giving you visibility into what you’re spending, what services you’re buying, and how to better manage that spend and how to actively reduce it.

Densify produces cloud spend and usage reporting for Finance teams
Densify Business Intelligence Reports

Densify enables:

Complete Visibility & Line-of-Business Chargebacks
Densify provides complete visibility through detailed reporting by business unit, service type, and application including visibility into spend by day, week, month, quarter, and year. This enables you to identify unallocated charges or services that have been purchased that are not authorized or in compliance with corporate policies.
Detailed Budget Management
Densify enables you to understand actuals versus budgeted, and accurately allocate costs across business units, projects, cost centers, and other groups.
Custom Reports through Business Intelligence (BI)
Densify has embedded BI capabilities that can run custom reports for you to meet specific reporting needs, including RI usage and chargeback, AWS S3 bucket cost, and more.
Reserved Instances (RI) Assessment
Densify will assess existing RI usage in your environment and provide a summary of existing purchases, purchase and sell recommendations, best practices, and RI-aware EC2 and RDS optimization recommendations.

Customer Story: ClearEdge Partners

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