IT Finance Gain Visibility & Control of Cloud Spend

Make sense of complex cloud bills and solve challenges around reconciling costs with business units, reporting financial metrics, and purchasing AWS Saving Plans and Amazon Reserved Instances (RIs).

However, are you…

  • Get deep visibility into cloud spend at just the right level of detail Having headaches understanding cloud spend?
    100-page invoice? Services you’ve never heard of? Too much information! Learn More
  • Automatically generate cloud cost and spend reports Struggling to build custom reports?
    Tired of using Excel? Manually crunching numbers? Too much hassle! Learn More
  • Easily allocate cloud spend to business units Tired of assigning costs to business units?
    Who is using what? How to allocate the cost? Too much ambiguity! Learn More

Densify Has You Covered

Densify’s solution provides the data and intelligence to make fact-based, smarter buying and consumption decisions in the spirit of progressive automation.

Chris White, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, ClearEdge Partners

Densify helps ClearEdge Partners optimize cloud spend for their customers.

Imagine gaining detailed visibility into cloud spend, services purchased, and learning how to better manage and reduce your overall costs.

What if you could effortlessly understand your cloud spend, allocate costs across business units, and build reports and dashboards?


View details about your current and historical spend including regular usage, discounted usage, tax, Reserved Instance fees, refunds and credits in both graphical and tabular dashboards.

View cloud spend, discounts, usage, tax, and fees graphically

Detailed Reporting

Dynamically break down costs by charge type, account, region, services, and custom tags. Reports can be exported in multiple formats including PDF, Excel, and CSV supporting distribution to key stakeholders in your organization.

Densify produces cloud spend and usage reporting for Finance teams

Line of Business Chargeback

Filter data and focus on specific accounts, business units, and application spending patterns, enabling you to accurately charge back to lines of business (LOBs).

Easily view costs and spend by and charge back to business units

Reserved Instances Optimization

Assess your existing RI utilization, providing you with a summary of existing purchase and how effective you are using them. Leverage Densify RI optimization to maximize your RI coverage through guided exchanges.

Manage legacy Amazon Reserved Instances effectively and only for the right workload profiles
Detailed convertible RI recommendations with true-up costs and monthly savings

How Densify Empowers You

Densify Cloud Cost Intelligence enables you to achieve:

Complete Visibility
Densify provides complete visibility of your cloud spend through detailed reporting by business unit, service type, and application including visibility into spend by day, week, month, quarter, and year.
Intelligent Reports
Tailored to your reporting needs, the advanced filtering of results allows you to narrow your focus to, for example, particular accounts, business units, applications, etc. Save your favorite reports to ensure you have quick access to the key information you need.
Line-of-Business Chargebacks
Densify enables you to slice and dice your cloud bill, streamlining the process of accurate chargebacks across business units.
Reserved Instances (RI) Assessment
Densify will assess existing RI usage in your environment,provide a summary of existing purchases, and delivers detailed purchase and exchange recommendations needed to to optimize your RI portfolio. Additionally, Densify provides RI-aware EC2 and RDS optimization recommendations.
Your business gets total cloud spend management with Densify

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