FinOps: Cloud & Container Financial Management for Engineers

Reduce Costs & Optimize Procurement

Enabling Engineering to Drive Significant FinOps Value

To truly optimize costs you have to optimize the resources used by applications. This cannot be done without the buy-in and action by the teams that manage infrastructure.

Densify uniquely enables engineering with the precision required to enable optimization changes at the infrastructure level.

Cloud cost control requires optimizing the underlying infrastructure
The total cloud cost management challenge

Ensure Your Cloud Workloads Get The Right Resources

Our deep analysis of historical workload patterns and personalities always ensures your workloads get the resources they need without too much.

Rightsize cloud instances to mitigate risks and problems:

  • Oversized VMs are a common area of waste, particularly in cloud environments where self-service models allow users to determine allocations. Densify ensures that service levels are met according to policies and specifies exactly how much resource each workload requires so you can confidently reclaim and reallocate resources.
  • Underallocated VMs frequently encounter performance issues and need to be resolved but ensuring the right instance is purchased is critical to alleviate resource constraints without incurring unnecessary costs.
Watch this presentation with IDC on the benefits of workload-aware multicloud capacity analytics
Rightsize your cloud instances

Collaborating with Platform & Application Owners

Each time Densify machine learning generates an optimization directive, an accompanying Impact Analysis and Recommendations Report is created specifically for application stakeholders and your Change Advisory Board. This report includes hard facts, analysis, and projections for effort level and impact that justify each recommendation.

Reports can be distributed automatically in a variety of ways, including by attachment to ITSM change tickets and through communication and business collaboration environments like Slack and Teams.

See an Example Infrastructure Impact Analysis Report
Impact Analysis Report for collaborating with business application owners
Densify Impact Analysis Reports provide complete visibility for stakeholders into the projected impact of recommended optimizations

Empowering Engineers to Drive FinOps Collaboration


Densify…came up with the recommendation to optimize using an instance class that we had never even heard of…ultimately, we decided to implement the change, and as a result, we are more cost-efficient and our customer-facing metrics are completely unchanged

Mike Lee
Application Owner,
Autodesk relates their Densify experience.

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Free Cloud Sizing for One Year

Densify offers the industry’s most automated and accurate recommendations for sizing cloud resources, including VMs, containers, databases, and auto scaling groups.

Densify has partnered with Intel to offer one year of free resource optimization software licensing to qualified companies.

Densify is a proud FinOps Foundation member
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