FinOps: Cloud & Container Financial Management

Comprehensive Resource & Procurement Optimization

Controlling Cloud Costs from the Ground Up​

The FinOps operating model is all about ensuring organizational collaboration around controlling cloud costs and ensuring business alignment.

Densify uniquely enables cloud cost optimization starting with ensuring an organization is applying the right resources at the workload level, then optimizing purchasing strategies. ​

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Cloud cost control requires optimizing the underlying infrastructure
The total cloud cost management challenge

Ensure Your Cloud Workloads Get The Right Resources

Our deep analysis of historical workload patterns and personalities always ensures your workloads get the resources they need without too much.

Rightsize cloud instances to mitigate risks and problems:

  • Oversized VMs are a common area of waste, particularly in cloud environments where self-service models allow users to determine allocations. Densify ensures that service levels are met according to policies and specifies exactly how much resource each workload requires so you can confidently reclaim and reallocate resources.
  • Underallocated VMs frequently encounter performance issues and need to be resolved but ensuring the right instance is purchased is critical to alleviate resource constraints without incurring unnecessary costs.
Watch this presentation with IDC on the benefits of workload-aware multicloud capacity analytics
Rightsize your cloud instances

Purchasing Strategy Optimization

Densify provides full historical utilization and coverage data across AWS Savings Plans and consumption commitments like Reserved Instances (RIs) and committed use discounts.

AWS Savings Plans Strategy Planning, Management, & Optimization

Densify provides optimal usage strategy recommendations for AWS Savings Plans across Amazon EC2 and Fargate. Analytics output can be broken down by instance type and specific AWS account for easier allocation. Filters allow for focus on specific regions, tags, or accounts and includes historical coverage.

Full visibility into AWS Savings Plans

Reserved Instances Assessment, Optimization, & Lifecycle Management

Densify actively and constantly manages your Reserved Instances portfolio to ensure you purchase and maintain the right combinations of Standard and Convertible RIs. Ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table with the right mix of Convertible Reserved Instances, and automate guided RI exchanges through AWS’s APIs so they are fast and true-up fees are minimal.

Manage Amazon Reserved Instances effectively for the right workload profiles

Tunable Anomaly Detection

Densify’s outlier analysis quickly identifies anomalies in cloud spending patterns. Outliers can be visualized against historical spending patterns with drilldown into transaction-level details to determine the root cause of anomalous spend. Configure outlier notifications and reports for maximum control over what defines an anomalous pattern. Once you configure a report you like, you can save it for repeated use.

Watch a Demo of Cloud Cost Outlier Analysis in Action
Infrastructure anomaly graph

Detailed Cloud Cost & Spend Reporting

Dynamically break down costs by charge type, account, region, services, and custom tags. Reports can be exported in multiple formats including PDF, Excel, and CSV. View details of current and historical spend including regular usage, discounted usage, tax, Reserved Instances fees, refunds, and credits in both graphical and tabular dashboards.

Densify integrates easily with preferred BI platforms like Tableau, Google Looker, and others to effortlessly enable understanding of fully-loaded cloud costs and maximize FinOps agility.

Densify integrates with BI platforms like Tableau, Google Looker, Microsoft Power BI, and others
Densify produces cloud spend and usage reporting for Finance teams

BI Reporting Examples

Below are real example reports and dashboards created by Densify customers leveraging analytics data for business intelligence reporting.

Display Densify data in Microsoft Power BI
Display Densify data via a third-party visualization
Display Densify data via Jaspersoft Studio
Densify data in Tableau

Collaborating with Product & App Owners

Each time Densify machine learning generates an optimization directive, an accompanying Impact Analysis and Recommendations Report is created specifically for application stakeholders and your Change Advisory Board. This report includes hard facts, analysis, and projections for effort level and impact that justify each recommendation.

Reports can be distributed automatically in a variety of ways, including by attachment to ITSM change tickets and through communication and business collaboration environments like Slack and Teams.

See an Example Infrastructure Impact Analysis Report
Impact Analysis Report for collaborating with business application owners
Densify Impact Analysis Reports provide complete visibility for stakeholders into the projected impact of recommended optimizations

Line of Business Showback & Chargeback

Report and filter data to focus on specific accounts, business units, and application spending patterns, enabling you to accurately show and charge back to lines of business, including by cross-account Reserved Instances usage.

AWS cloud cost showback report

Empowering Enterprise FinOps


Our AWS costs are material and extremely variable…Densify…helps us optimize our cloud infrastructure costs. Densify saves Autodesk money and time. I would highly recommend their product to other tech companies.

Cindy Vo
Finance Business Partner,
Autodesk Finance relates their Densify experience.

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