Meet CloeContinuous, Application–Aware Optimization for Your Clouds

Densify’s cloud optimization engine

Cloe—the Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—enables your applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements and to dynamically match their needs to optimal cloud supply.

When deploying an Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Compute Instance, there are more than 1.7 million potential considerations, and EC2 is only one of 90 services offered.


Respond to Evolving Application Demands & Leverage the Latest Cloud Abilities

Companies are increasingly buying into and making annual financial commitments to public cloud services that do not match their application requirements.

They do this because it is not humanly possible to select the optimal array of cloud services for an application. Intelligent analytics are required to match evolving app requirements with existing and newly-offered cloud services.

As application demands change, and new services are introduced, or old services are modernized, Cloe’s machine learning responds. Your applications—now made smart—are forever optimized, and your cloud spend begins plummeting immediately.

Target the Root Causes of Cloud Chaos with Machine Learning

Application demands can fluctuate every day, hour, and minute of the week. In parallel, cloud offerings—such as a particular compute instance from a single vendor like AWS—can individually have millions of permutations. It is impossible to match your application needs with the cloud technologies available, while optimizing each dollar spent.

Densify leverages Cloe’s machine learning technology to continuously analyze cloud usage patterns, proactively making your applications self-aware of the changes required to continuously optimize performance and dramatically reduce costs. Unlike traditional cloud tools that focus on your bill but don't fix the underlying problem, Densify uses Cloe to target the root of cloud performance challenges by addressing the problem at the application and infrastructure layers.

Densify’s cloud optimization engine

How Cloe Optimizes Your Cloud Spend

Cloe continuously learns your application usage patterns and demands, and also has deep knowledge of what technology resources cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, currently offer—as well as their pricing. Cloe can perfectly match your applications’ needs with the supply available from one or more of these cloud providers.

Densify’s machine learning perfectly aligns your applications’ demands with cloud supply

Establishes Predictive Demand Patterns

Densify predicts application resource demand

Cloe learns what your applications need and when. Using a complex model of numerous learned factors, Cloe can predict future usage needs.

Creates Normalized Models of Cloud Supply

Densify creates normalized models of supply across all cloud providers

Cloe normalizes millions of cross-cloud vendor instance options and identifies optimal alternatives based on price and performance.

Optimizes Supply & Demand

Densify perfectly aligns application requirements with cloud capabilities

Cloe evaluates every predicted workload model against every normalized catalog entry, finding the perfect match between demand and supply to optimize your cloud workload performance.

Leverages Experts to Tune & Manage

Densify is administered by cloud experts who work for you

Cloe is leveraged by our cloud experts to deliver perfectly matched resource recommendations against your application needs on an ongoing basis. Our team becomes an extension of your own, delivering continuous results.

Cloud services can have a 35% underutilization rate in the absence of effective management, as resources are oversized and left idling…As an organization grows in its use of public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), its ability to monitor, manage, and optimize those resources in a cost-effective manner often fails to keep pace.


Customer Findings

Analysis of over 70 Densify customers revealed:



were buying services that did not match their application requirements



had made annual resource commitments (via reserved instances) to the wrong service



had purchased “cloud spend management” software that reinforced financial commitment to the wrong instances



faced massive management complexity created by everchanging application resource demands and cloud provider service offerings



was the average amount Densify customers saved, and some achieved savings as high as 80%

At A Large Energy Company

In the first 48 hours, the Cloe engine discovered that 260 AWS EC2 instances were in use—but many were improperly matched to their hosted workloads, reducing performance, introducing risks, and costing the customer about $600k per year. 93% of that EC2 purchase commitment was being made through Annual Reserved Instances. Of those:

  • 175 instances (67.3%) were oversized and wasting money
  • 151 instances (58.0%) were poorly matched to the applications using them, or had the wrong family
  • 15 instances (5.7%) were undersized, introducing potential risk to their hosted applications
  • 8 instances (3.0%) could be replaced with a cheaper, more modern, or more functional instance
  • 3 instances (1.1%) could be terminated
  • Only 55 instances (21.0%) were already placed in the correct family and set at the optimal size

Densify cloud expert was able to use these results to make recommendations that resulted in dramatically reduced risk and savings of over $370k annually, or 57.5% compared to their prior cloud expense.

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