Densify Leadership

Gerry Smith

Gerry Smith Chief Executive Officer

“Cloud changes rapidly, and we deliver self-optimizing applications to help you keep up with that change. Think about it—your applications know precisely what they need, when they need it—and they make it happen.”

Riyaz Somani

Riyaz Somani Co-founder & President

“Next-generation apps should be self-optimizing … we are on a relentless pursuit to make that happen. Geeky, yes—but very cool.”

Andrew Hillier

Andrew Hillier Co-founder & CTO

“Densify is the outlet for me to fulfill my obsessive, almost criminal desire to drive cloud resource optimization.”

Scott Browne

Scott Browne Chief Financial Officer

“We make apps perform better, while cutting the cloud bill at the same time. Why wouldn’t every cloud-focused company want that?”

Brent Wells

Brent Wells Chief Revenue Officer

“Understanding your cloud bill is table stakes. Helping customers analyze their utilization data and leverage the correct resources enables our clients to scale infrastructure without scaling costs.”

Yama Habibzai

Yama Habibzai Chief Marketing Officer

“We are helping companies amplify their potential, drive sustainable growth, and improve margins. That’s not easy to do. But, I’m proud that we do it everyday.”

Chuck Tatham

Chuck Tatham SVP, Business Development

Jeff Pauze

Jeff Pauze SVP, Engineering

Ayman Gabarin

Ayman Gabarin SVP, Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Henry Jurgens

Henry Jurgens VP, Product Management

Andy Walton

Andy Walton VP, Technical Sales

Heather McManus

Heather McManus VP, Human Resources

Ray Boots

Ray Boots VP, Customer Management

Board of Directors

Gerry Smith CEO, Densify

Michael Woeller

John Mandile Managing Director, Sigma Partners

Ed Kilroy CEO, MedAvail

Robert Youngjohns Senior Adviser, McKinsey & Company

Dave MacDonald


Ben Fathi Former CTO, VMware

Barry Goldsmith Partner & Co-founder, Updata Partners

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