Viewing Policy Settings

Viewing Policy Settings


The Optimization Policies tab provides a summary of the policy settings applied to your virtual or cloud-based environments. You cannot edit policy settings from this tab. Contact [email protected] if you need more information on working with your policy settings.

Cloud Optimization Policies

Policy settings applied to your cloud environments are displayed on the specific cloud platform's Optimization Policies page. Navigate to Public Cloud menu > Cloud ProviderOptimization Policies tab to view the policy settings summary page.

Note: Advanced policy settings are not displayed in the Densify Console.

You can review your policy settings through the Densify Console. Contact [email protected] to review your policy with you and tune the settings to suit your business requirements.

To learn more watch the following video:

Filtering Policy Categories

You can filter the settings to review, using the Select drop down menu at the top of the page. You can review a specific policy category or all categories, using the options in this menu. The policy settings displayed in the top pane as well as the Settings Descriptions tab, in the bottom pane, are defined by this filter.

Note: Advanced policy categories are not displayed in this filter.


The top pane displays the active policies and their setting values. The lower pane displays policy settings for the policy or category selected in the top pane:

  • Description—This tab displays the description of the cloud policy, that has been selected in the top pane.
  • Accounts/Subscriptions/Projects—This tab displays the accounts, subscriptions, or projects associated with the selected cloud policy. This Densify analytics use this policy to generate recommendation for the listed accounts, subscriptions, or projects.
  • Settings Descriptions—This tab displays the default values for each of the standard policy settings.

Note: Policies, defined in Densify, but not referenced by any cloud environment are not displayed in the Optimization Policies page.

Exporting Cloud Optimization Policies

You can export your cloud policy settings for external review. See Exporting Report Data for details on using the Export to Excel feature. When you export the policy settings, the data exported is specific to the selected cloud platform and is organized into the following tabs:

  • Optimization Policies—This tab displays all the cloud policies and their settings. This tab is similar to the top pane of the Optimization Policies page with "Show All" selected in the policy category filter.
  • Description—This tab displays the descriptions of each cloud policy applied to your cloud environments.
  • Accounts/Subscriptions/Projects—This tab displays all of the accounts, subscriptions, or projects that are using the selected policy.
  • Settings Descriptions—This tab displays all the policy settings and their categories, definitions, default values, and units.

Virtual Optimization Policies

This page provides a summary of the policies in use by your on-premise virtual environments.

Additionally you can review the number of hosts, number of guests, whether or not the cluster is closed for new bookings, its primary constraint, etc.

Filtering Policy Categories

The scope of clusters is defined by the global filter. See Using the Global Filter for details.

You can also filter by the type of policy settings. Currently you can select from Supply Optimization or Datastore settings.


To learn more watch the following video:

Supply Optimization

Navigate from the Private Cloud menu > Virtual EnvironmentsOptimization Policies tab and select the Supply Optimization option from the dropdown list to view the applied policy settings for each virtual cluster.

Specific values for the 10 standard policy settings are listed. Click the Detailed Policy Settings link, in the last column, to view additional policy settings for the selected cluster. The 10 standard policy settings and any non-standard policy settings that have been modified are listed. The default values are provided so that you can view the values most commonly used and compare it to your current values.

Datastore Settings

The Datastore Settings dropdown option provides the same cluster details as the Supply Optimization page, as well as the datastore-specific policy settings for VMware environments.