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You can browse through the collection of Densify training courses from this page. These courses cover the most commonly used Densify features. Each course consists of 2 or more modules.

Use the arrows on the slider to view the available courses in each category. Click the image to view the training course. The topic containing the course introduction opens in a new window that provides instructions for viewing the content.

Onboarding for Public Cloud Environments

Introduction to Densify

Introduction to Policy for Cloud

Onboarding for Hybrid Environments

Introduction to Densify

Introduction to Policy for VMware

Recommendations and Reporting

Optimizing Your Container Resources

Container Data Collection

Container Resource Optimization

Optimizing Public Cloud Environments

AWS Data Collection

Optimization for Cloud Compute Services

Optimizing Auto Scaling Groups

Policy for Public Cloud

Using the Cloud Cost Intelligence Module

Cost Navigator

Outlier Detection

Optimizing Private Cloud Environments

VMware Data Collection

Software License Cost Optimization

Policy for VMware

Creating Custom Reports Module

Creating Custom Reports

Creating a Quick Dashboard

Advanced Dashboard Creation Features