Application Owners Ensure Flawless App Performance

App Owners Need Performance Oversight

App owners want one thing: to make sure their apps are always working and performing flawlessly regardless of cost. They are not willing to sacrifice a drop of performance or reliability to save money. It can be difficult to convince app owners to trust and implement the optimization recommendations generated by a machine. How can you solve this problem?

Built to Reassure App Owners

The one differentiator that Densify had was the proof—all the tools give you recommendations, but Densify does the best job of giving you the ‘why’ when making decisions.

Vincent DeAngelis, Lead Financial Officer, Verisk Analytics

How Densify Helps Product & App Owners

Densify’s unique Impact Analysis and Recommendations Report is designed specifically for app owners and your Change Advisory Board, this report includes the hard facts you need to show to persuade application owners to comply with your recommendations.

To create this Impact Analysis and Recommendations Report, Densify’s machine learning technology—Cloe—builds a detailed model of what actual workloads look like over a typical 24-hour period. This model is based on a (configurable) analysis of 30, 60, 90 days or any predefined period of data from performance analysis and monitoring tools such as Amazon CloudWatch, Prometheus, and Splunk. It also considers policy information as well as all applicable thresholds and technical constraints on your apps.

This PDF report can be automatically attached to change tickets in ITSM systems like ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk, where application owners can see all the benefits and solid proof of Densify’s recommendations, improving confidence towards approving and implementing recommended actions.

Densify reports for product owners are automatically attached to ITSM tickets and provide proof behind implementing cloud resource changes
Impact Analysis and Recommendations Report

Customer Story: Verisk Analytics

See how Densify shows product owners at Verisk the forecasted impact of cloud and container optimization actions.

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