Container Platform Service Owners Deliver Performance & Automation Affordably

Container platform owners are managing resources at scale, and are obsessed with delivering performance, SLA, and the highest automation at a reasonable cost.

However, are you…

  • Get deep visibility into clusters, pods, containers, namespaces, and more Struggling to gain visibility into your container stack?
    Cluster resources? Namespaces? Pods? Containers? Too much complexity! Learn More
  • Optimize performance for your containerized apps Suffering from poor resource efficiency or performance?
    When your developers are sizing containers: “How many millicores? 50m or 100m?” “How much memory? 256Mi or 512 Mi?” Too much ungoverned provisioning! Learn More
  • ML reveals which node resources to use as you architect your container infrastructure Guessing what underlying node resources to provision?
    C5 or R5? Which region? Scaling parameters? Too many permutations! Learn More

Densify Has You Covered

Densify machine-learning-powered container resource management enables full-stack visibility and automates the process of resource selection for your container environments, taking away the pains of manually managing container clusters.

Automated Infrastructure Management for Container Platform Owners

With Densify, container platform owners can automate the process of managing the underlying infrastructure for container, such as picking instance types and sizes for the nodes, and figuring out when and how to scale a cluster. Benefits include:

Full-Stack Visibility
Breakdown views by clusters, namespaces, and individual containers, and enable chargebacks to lines of business based on resource consumption
Container Resource Management for Better Governance
Oversee the resource allocation and utilization for better governance across business units
Reduced Risk & Better App Performance
Patented workload pattern analysis to determine the best container sizes and node resources, ensuring apps/microservices always get the right resources, at the right time
Increased Resource Utilization & Efficiency
Better configure container sizes and underlying scale groups so you run Kubernetes clusters at far higher utilization and never spend more than required
Business Units Empowered with Automated, Continuous Optimization
Enable your business units with intelligence and a service to automate the process of container resource selection so they can focus on app development instead of worrying about fine tuning resource configurations like CPU and memory
Densify enables resource management across container platforms like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, EKS, AKS, and GKE

Automated, Intelligent Container Sizing for Cloud Software Developers

Cloud software developers can inject Densify machine learning intelligence to properly size the containers so they can focus on application development, and never have to worry about the infrastructure. Benefits include:

Worry-Free Container Sizing
No more guesswork on container sizing when setting CPU and memory request and limit values, so you can accelerate and focus on application delivery
Optimization as code for Containers
API-based and delivered as code—simply inject Densify machine learning intelligence to replace hard-coded resource specifications in your infrastructure as code templates like Terraform or CloudFormation
Improved Performance
The apps and services you develop will always receive the right resources to perform and scale

Automated Resource Optimization for Container Infrastructure

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