Cloud Engineers Automate Your Cloud Resource Selection

Cloud Engineers face constantly-evolving cloud technologies and trying to solve the challenges around provisioning the right application resources at scale.

However, are you…

  • AI recommends the correct EC2 instance sizing for each workload Still guessing about instance type & size?
    T3 vs. M5? ASG node type & size? Regions & Availability Zones? Too many permutations! Learn More
  • Densify and infrastructure as code automate the management of cloud resources Overwhelmed by managing templates for 100s of resources?
    Terraform? CloudFormation? Too many specifications to manage! Learn More
  • Densify tells you when to use the latest instance types from cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Burning the midnight oil to keep up with the cloud?
    New instance types & sizes? New instance generations? Too much technology to learn! Learn More
  • Reduce application performance risks by optimizing your cloud infrastructure Receiving UX complaints due to app performance issues?
    Lack of insight into workload patterns? 1,000s of workloads? Humanly impossible! Learn More

Densify Has You Covered

We have infrastructure as a service, database as a service, and are looking at container and serverless architecture. We needed to operate, to plan, and to optimize—and were looking for a tool to help. Since cloud is constantly changing, Densify helps us optimize and modernize instances across public cloud infrastructure.

Alejandro Mata, IT Operations Director, Onelink BPO

Densify helps OneLink BPO modernize and leverage the latest services for customer public cloud deployments.

Imagine always being on top of evolutions in the cloud, holding the power to pick the right resource for your workload every time.

What if your workloads became “self-aware” of their requirements, so you could automate resource selection at scale?

No More Guesswork

Never again rely on tribal knowledge or guesswork to pick the right resources. Leverage machine learning to enable applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements, and perfectly match their needs with optimal cloud supply.

Densify AI and ML select the right instance type for each of your workloads
Proven and validated recommendations based on actual utilization

Automate at Scale

Replace fixed resource assignments in your infrastructure as code templates with calls to reference Cloe, our Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine, for recommendations to ensure your workloads are continuously optimized.

Imagine: Your cloud infrastructure becomes self-optimizing, 24/7/365.

The Densify Optimization as Code paradigm seamlessly extends your CI/CD pipeline to enable Continuous Optimization (CO). Inject code into your favorite infrastructure as code (IaC) template to link your cloud instances to Densify patented analytics, and your cloud apps get exactly the resources they need at the lowest possible cost.

provider "aws" {
  region = "${var.aws_region}"
resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  name = "Web Server"
  #instance_type = "m4.large"
  instance_type = "${lookup(local.densify_spec,"appr_type") == "all" ? lookup(local.densify_spec,"rec_type") : lookup(local.densify_spec,"cur_type")}"
  ami = "${lookup(var.aws_amis, var.aws_region)}"
Leverage your existing infrastructure as tools to dynamically adjust the instance type based on analytics from Densify—ensuring your apps are always properly resourced

Become a Cloud Guru

Don’t set it and forget it! Always be on top of the cloud and tap into the full catalog to leverage the latest and greatest technologies to make sure your app is working and performing flawlessly.

The unique Densify Impact Analysis Report is designed specifically for engineers and your app owners, providing detailed evidence needed to approve and implement the changes. The PDF report can either be attached to change tickets in ITSM (ServiceNow or Jira), or downloaded directly via Slack.

Densify always evaluates the most advanced cloud service offerings against the needs of your workloads, and packages easy-to-understand analysis and justification for your app owners to speed approvals
The Densify Impact Analysis Report communicates the projected impact of recommended changes to app owners to help with approvals

Don’t Be in the Dark

Leverage patented machine learning technology to understand your predicted workload patterns and gain insight, proactively determining the optimal cloud resources.

ML/AI evaluate each of your workloads over time and determine the best cloud instance to resource them

How Densify Empowers You

Densify is an advanced hybrid cloud and container resource management platform, leveraging machine learning to make workloads self-aware of their precise resource requirements and fully automates the resource management process.

In addition to making your applications self-aware, Densify empowers you with these initiatives:

Performance Management
Provide visibility into workload patterns to prevent performance degradation and reduce risk
Create tunable policies based on account and application for customized recommendations and management
Change Management
Generate an Impact Analysis and Recommendations report for existing change approval processes
Third-Party Integrations
Integrate with your existing ITSM, CMDB, and other third-party systems, like APM
Provide data and recommendations via API
Integrate into your existing IaC and orchestration templates to enable single-line-of-code automation—creating continuous optimization of your instances and containers
Densify empowers you to manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure effectively

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