Cloud Operations Engineers & Architects Embed Continuous Cloud Resource Optimization to Deliver Performance at the Right Cost

Managing Cloud Cost & Performance at Enterprise Speed & Scale

Cloud Operations teams face challenges—many beyond human scale—as they work to deliver agile and elastic services, keep pace with offering advancements, and meet business requirements:

  • Understanding and considering the pros and cons of utilizing the latest cloud service offerings
  • Architecting to leverage resources effectively
  • Selecting the right combination of instance resources, availability zone/region, and scaling parameters
  • Scaling to deliver the right application resources at the right time to enable efficiency and performance
  • Delivering performance, meeting SLAs, and finding ways to automate manual tasks
Automatically manage your public cloud resources with Densify
Enterprises require full usage visibility and the ability to optimize across all clouds

Eliminate Cloud Capacity Management Guesswork

Densify is a central point of infrastructure truth that makes optimization a cross-functional, ongoing, and automated part of your cloud infrastructure management lifecycle.

Our patented analytics run multidimensional performance analysis against your workloads and generate detailed models of predicted behavior. Tagging, business policies, and technical constraints are also considered. This combined model is evaluated against a deep understanding of cloud offerings to continuously deliver precise optimization recommendations to your team. These optimization directives feed into approval cycles and can even be implemented automatically.

Densify empowers your organization with:

How Densify predictive analytics match resource to hybrid cloud workloads

Precise Cloud Instance Selection & Capacity Rightsizing

Choosing an instance type and size for a workload is decision no human should have to make. Densify enables your DevOps organization to move beyond using tribal knowledge and educated guesses to resource workloads by delivering precise recommendations—powered by machine learning and tunable policies—that reduce risk and deliver better app performance. The challenges of correctly placing and sizing workloads and comparing platforms are eliminated.

Densify AI and ML select the right instance type for each of your workloads
Proven and validated recommendations based on actual utilization

Gaining Buy-In for Infrastructure Optimizations from Product & App Owners

For each optimization directive generated by Densify machine learning, an easy-to-digest Impact Analysis Report is automatically created to enable collaboration with app stakeholders. These reports justify the approval and implementation of the recommended changes by laying out the facts and data in an intuitive before and after format including all the details of any cost changes.

The PDF report can be automatically attached to change tickets in ITSM solutions like ServiceNow or Jira Service Desk, or distributed to the application manager or approver via Slack or Teams. Application managers value the information and transparency, building trust and increasing approval rates for optimization.

See an Example Infrastructure Impact Analysis Report
Impact Analysis Report for collaborating with business application owners
Impact Analysis Reports provide complete visibility for stakeholders into the projected impact of recommended infrastructure optimizations

Automate Continuous Capacity Optimization

Densify seamlessly extends your CI/CD pipeline to enable continuous optimization (CO)—ongoing, automated implementation of optimization recommendations within your infrastructure.

Inject calls to Densify into your favorite infrastructure as code (IaC) template and your workloads will automatically be assigned to instances delivering the resources they need at the lowest possible cost. Continuous optimization can be easily integrated with and controlled by ITSM solutions like ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk.

provider "aws" {
  region = "${var.aws_region}"
resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  name = "Web Server"
  #instance_type = "m4.large"
  instance_type = "${lookup(local.densify_spec,"appr_type") == "all" ? lookup(local.densify_spec,"rec_type") : lookup(local.densify_spec,"cur_type")}"
  ami = "${lookup(var.aws_amis, var.aws_region)}"
Leverage your existing infrastructure as code tools to dynamically adjust the instance type based on analytics from Densify—ensuring your apps are always properly resourced

Automated, Intelligent Container Sizing

Cloud software developers can dynamically call Densify machine learning intelligence to properly size containers so they can focus on their app architectures and not on the guesswork of correctly configuring the infrastructure. Benefits include:

Precise Container Resource Sizing
Optimal directives for container sizing and CPU and memory request and limit values enable your team to focus on app development instead of on configuring the cloud
Continuously-Optimized Containers
API calls to Densify machine learning intelligence replaces hard-coded resource specifications in your Terraform or CloudFormation infrastructure as code templates to ensure containers are always properly resourced
Improved Performance
The apps and services you deploy will always receive the optimal resources to perform and scale
Automated optimization of limit and request resources for container infrastructure

Extensible through Your Preferred DevOps Tools & Solutions

Densify integrates with your existing ITSM, CMDB, and other third-party systems, like APM. Our API enables you to easily export data and optimization recommendations for use in other tools.

Architecture for ITSM-controlled continuous optimization of public cloud
Architecture for ITSM-controlled continuous optimization of public cloud

Enhancing Your DevOps Agility

We have infrastructure as a service, database as a service, and are looking at container and serverless architecture. We needed to operate, to plan, and to optimize—and were looking for a tool to help. Since cloud is constantly changing, Densify helps us optimize and modernize instances across public cloud infrastructure.

Alejandro Mata, IT Operations Director, Onelink BPO
Densify helps OneLink BPO modernize and leverage the latest services for customer public cloud deployments.

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