Cloud Architects Automatically Determine Where to Best Deploy Workloads

Cloud Architects Face Tough Challenges

For Cloud Architects, mapping out how they will leverage public cloud resources effectively is a massive job. Building, deploying, consuming, managing, securing and integrating cloud services are not simple tasks. The Cloud Architect will not be the only person responsible for identifying and making decisions related to public cloud adoption, however, the cloud architect will be responsible for:

  • Assessing the impact of the cloud to each functional area and business unit
  • Developing a cloud strategy and implementing an adoption framework
  • Developing and coordinating cloud architecture
  • Selecting tools, services, and deployment options to be used

Helping Cloud Architects Stay Agile

We have infrastructure as a service, database as a service, and are looking at container and serverless architecture. We needed to operate, to plan, and to optimize—and were looking for a tool to help. Since cloud is constantly changing, Densify helps us optimize and modernize instances across public cloud infrastructure.

Alejandro Mata, IT Operations Director, OneLink BPO

Empowering Cloud Architects with Precise Resource Recommendations

Densify is delivered completely as a cloud-based optimization service, our solution uses machine learning to enable applications to become self-aware of their demands for public cloud resources, and to perfectly and continuously match their needs with the optimal cloud supply. The analytics determine in real time where to best deploy a workload and how to allocate resources, and integrate with your existing infrastructure as code templates and orchestration systems to automate the process.

Densify supports Cloud Architects with an analytics service that delivers:

  • Workload placement decisions
  • Public cloud platform comparisons
  • Correctly-sized workloads
  • Cloud cost management
  • Automated application performance optimization

Customer Story: OneLink BPO

See how Densify helps OneLink modernize and leverage the latest services for customer public cloud deployments.

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