Container Infrastructure Optimization & Control

Greatly Increase Node Utilization While Minimizing Performance Risk

Automatically Set Container Resource Requests & Limits

  • Avoid application performance and stability issues
  • Increase node and cluster utilization – avoid allocating too much CPU and memory to your applications
  • Lower your cloud bill by deploying fewer nodes for the same containers
Densify automatically analyzes thousands of containers to determine the optimal settings
Densify automatically analyzes thousands of containers to determine the optimal settings

Optimize the Configuration of Container Nodes

  • Automatically assign the ideal amount of CPU and memory for the nodes and node groups in your clusters
  • Determine the right instance families for your nodes
  • Automatically model scaling behavior to optimize scale groups
Auto Scaling groups optimization for container nodes and clusters
AWS ASG optimization analysis

Optimize Resource Allocations for Namespaces & Clusters

  • Ensure cluster resource and namespace quotas are constantly aligned with app team requirements
  • Identify risks due to under allocation of resources
  • Reduce costs by ensuring quotas are not forcing infrastructure to be provisioned but not used
Drilldown view of K8s clusters and namespaces
Kubernetes namespace analysis showing risks and inefficiencies in the allocation of resources

Visualize K8s Resource & Performance Risks

  • Unique visualization that shows the overall resource health of your entire Kubernetes environment with Histograms
  • A powerful way to identify inefficiencies in container CPU and memory requests and limits
  • Quickly drill down to specific risks, each with a recommendation for resolution

Watch this 1-min explainer video to learn more.

Histogram: visualization of container environment
Histograms: visualization of container environment

Integrate With CI/CD Pipelines & Automation Tools

  • Free your teams from manually selecting resources
  • Eliminate errors – use APIs to tie directly into infrastructure as code templates like Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Ensure Performance by continuously aligning resources with application requirements

Watch a K8s Automated Resource Optimization demo.

Integration with Automation API's and IaC

Broad Platform Support

Manage resources across Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher RKE, EKS, AKS and GKE for all your clusters, namespaces, and individual containers.

Densify enables resource management across container platforms like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher RKE, EKS, AKS and GKE.

See The Value of Integrated Container Resource Optimization

See how Raiffeisen Bank saves 50% on the frequency of resource expansions, an overall reduction in resources required, and the alleviation of the risk of instability caused by container memory shortages.

Raffeisen shares OpenShift optimization with Jenkins CI/CD

Start Optimizing Your Cloud & Container Resources

Densify cloud cost optimization demonstration

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