Automated Cloud & Container Resource Management

One Solution for Managing Cloud & Container Resources across All Venues

Next-Gen Cloud Capacity Management & Control

Densify uses machine learning and policy-based analytics to proactively and predictively ensure that applications always receive the optimal amount and type of resources to perform at the right cost.

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Gain Cloud Resource Visibility

Get a complete picture of your cloud instance resources, utilization, performance, and costs across all cloud providers.

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Automatically manage your public cloud resources with Densify
Full optimization and usage visibility across all clouds

Improve & Assure Application Performance

Empower your apps to run and scale perfectly with Densify-generated directives for optimally selecting their underlying resources.

EC2 instance upsize directives
Proactively know when and how to upsize cloud instances

Continuously Optimize Costs & Performance

Automatically respond as your app performance requirements change and evolve, saving money by always enabling the perfect resource configurations for each of your cloud workloads.

Amazon EC2 best-fit instance family recommendation
Automatically change instance families to reduce costs

Automate Smarter Cloud Decisions

Choose the optimal resources for your cloud instances—backed by patented, best-in-class machine learning—and automate through your existing CI/CD or ITSM workflows.

provider "aws" {
  region = "${var.aws_region}"
resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  name = "Web Server"
  #instance_type = "m4.large"
  instance_type = "${lookup(local.densify_spec,"appr_type") == "all" ? lookup(local.densify_spec,"rec_type") : lookup(local.densify_spec,"cur_type")}"
  ami = "${lookup(var.aws_amis, var.aws_region)}"
Dynamically adjust instance types to ensure each workload continuously receives the right resources

Optimally Leverage each Cloud’s Services

Densify analytics understand your cloud provider’s offerings better than they do. Always know which instance and host is best for each of your workloads.

Optimize Amazon Web Services

Precisely match your workload to the optimal AWS resources, including EC2, RDS, and EKS. Densify recommendations make the best use of Auto Scaling and are Savings Plans and Reserved Instances aware.

Amazon Web Services Cost & Resource Management
Amazon EC2 capacity management dashboard
AWS management dashboard showing rightsizing recommendations for each instance

Optimize Microsoft Azure

Align workload demands to the correct Azure resources, including VMs and AKS

Microsoft Azure Cost & Resource Management
Microsoft Azure management dashboard
Dashboard showing optimization details for each Azure instance

Optimize Google Cloud

Equip your workloads with the best Google Cloud resources, including GCE and GKE

Google Cloud Cost & Resource Management
Google Cloud optimization dashboard
Google Cloud instance optimization dashboard

Optimizing VMware on Public Cloud

Optimize your VMware environments running on AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud for better performance, reduced risk, and lower cost.

VMware Cost & Resource Management
VMware optimization dashboard
Understand your VMware instances and know exactly how and when to rightsize

Continuous, Automated Cloud Management

Achieve continuous optimization with automatable intelligence that integrates with your existing tooling and fits into your CI/CD pipeline and ITSM change management processes.

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Architecture for ITSM-controlled continuous optimization of public cloud
Architecture for CI/CD-integrated continuous optimization of public cloud capacity controlled by ITSM

Demand Management, Workload Routing, & Reservation

Automatically route new workloads to the best hosting venue across your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Workload routing dashboard
See where to route each workload for optimal performance and cost

Cloud Transformation & Migration Planning

Perform unlimited “what if” analyses as you plan migrations to cloud or containers. Ensure you don’t lift and shift workloads to the cloud without first optimizing resource requirements. Leverage Densify Cloud Advisors to assist in special analytics projects to explore and identify the right transformation choices for your organization.

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Cloud migration dashboard
Prepare for cloud migration and transformation by projecting costs for each instance option

Empowering DevOps to Manage Multicloud

We have infrastructure as a service, database as a service, and are looking at container and serverless architecture. We needed to operate, to plan, and to optimize—and were looking for a tool to help. Since cloud is constantly changing, Densify helps us optimize and modernize instances across public cloud infrastructure.

Alejandro Mata, IT Operations Director, Onelink BPO
Densify helps OneLink BPO modernize and leverage the latest services for customer public cloud deployments.

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