Optimization for Amazon Web Services

Perfectly Match Your Apps to the Right AWS Resources

Choose Precisely the Right AWS Products for Your Workloads

Amazon Web Services provides a comprehensive set of services for building and hosting next-generation applications and their associated data. But with this capability comes complexity, as there are literally millions of ways AWS can be used, and many organizations do not get it right. This creates unnecessary manual effort, potential operational risks, and unnecessary cloud spend.

Amazon Web Services Optimization

AWS Resource Optimization Through Machine Learning

The Densify Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—Cloe—learns workload demand patterns and precisely determines the optimal AWS resources needed to host them. By aligning application supply and demand in this way, Densify provides next-generation resource optimization for AWS environments. And by integrating with the cloud templates and manifest files used to create cloud applications, Densify closes the loop on automation and actually makes applications self-optimizing.

Densify’s Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine helps you leverage AWS more effectively

Benefit All Your Stakeholders by Optimizing AWS

By seamlessly integrating resource optimization into application definitions, Densify bridges the gaps between Developers, Infrastructure & Operations, and Finance.

  • Developers can embed code snippets into their apps that make them self-aware and self-optimizing, freeing them from the burden of determining granular resource requirements.
  • Infrastructure & Operations can provide API-based optimization services to App teams, letting them run a safe and efficient environment without having to go through cumbersome processes to perform optimization.
  • Finance gets the benefit of much higher cost efficiency that comes with machine learning, becoming an integral part of the resulting fiscally-aware DevOps.
Automated resource optimization directly benefits numerous stakeholders

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