Optimize Your Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Purchasing Strategy

Prevent Blind Spots in Your Spot Approach

Avoid Amazon Spot Purchasing Strategy Blind Spots

Amazon Spot instances provide a cost-efficient method to purchase AWS resources by enabling you get resources on a best-effort basis by specifying a bid price. This is useful for non-critical workloads that do not need to meet specific SLAs or complete within strict time windows.

Like purchasing On-Demand AWS instances, buying the wrong instance type or size will also waste resources when using Spot instances. Even though they are typically much cheaper than On-Demand instances, purchasing a configuration that is much more expensive than is necessary will also typically be much more expensive in the Spot market as well.

Amazon Spot instance Purchasing Optimization

Get Intelligently-Selected Spot Instance Recommendations

Densify’s machine-learning-based optimization technology will generate Spot instance optimization recommendations in the same way it does for AWS On-Demand purchasing models, automating instance optimization and driving much higher resource efficiency.

Densify helps you leverage Amazon Spot more effectively

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