Optimize Your AWS Auto Scaling

Align Scaling Groups with Workload Demand Patterns

The Dangers of Best-Guess-Based Auto Scaling Setup

AWS Auto Scaling provides true elasticity, flexing to meet application demand and underpinning many cloud applications that have variable workload patterns.

But, it is tricky to determine what node types, sizes, and scaling parameters should be used within a Auto Scaling group (ASG). Many of the nodes are transient, and interpreting raw utilization data to determine exactly what resources the scale group needs is very difficult.

AWS Auto Scaling Optimization

Machine Learning Aligns AWS Auto Scaling Configurations with Actual App Demands

Densify analyzes the loads across all Auto Scaling group nodes and generates recommendations to optimize the node types and sizes in order to better align the entire scale group with the application demands running within. Densify will also analyze the Auto Scaling parameters and recommend changes to the minimum and maximum settings to better reflect actual demand patterns.

Densify is “Reserved Instances-Aware” and considers your standard RI coverage, protecting existing investments. If your instances (ASG nodes) have existing standard RI coverage, the recommendations will be deferred until the current RI expires.

Densify helps you leverage Amazon Auto Scaling more effectively

Permanently Eliminate Auto Scaling Shortcomings

With Densify, Auto Scaling groups become precisely and constantly optimized to ensure they are aligned with workload demands, eliminating wasted resources and reducing operational risk.

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