Collaborating with Application Owners

Provide Visibility into & Justification for Infrastructure Enhancements

Application owners are often the final approvers of any recommended infrastructure changes for optimization. Rightly so, the priority is stability and performance versus simply cost—and this means they are very protective of the resources that underpin their applications.

In order to be successful with infrastructure optimization, IT and platform owners, capacity optimization teams, and leadership must build trust with application managers and stakeholders and ensure that they have the visibility and information they need to approve any proposed changes.

Equipping a finance organization only with analytics to examine bills will do little to actually impact the required changes for true optimization.

Densify focuses on these relationships with key capabilities that enable all parties to collaborate to impact change.

Application owners and business stakeholders get the visibility into potential infrastructure changes that they need
Densify Enables Collaboration & Removes Barriers to Optimizing Infrastructure

Automatic Impact Analysis Reporting for Application Owners

We show our work, generating easy-to-understand rationales for every recommended infrastructure optimization:

  • Every recommended change includes a comprehensive Impact Analysis Report, designed especially for justifying recommended enhancements to the owners of your apps
  • Reports can be distributed automatically in a variety of ways, including through communication and collaboration environments like Slack
Automatically communicate and manage proposed changes through Slack See an Example Infrastructure Impact Report
Impact Analysis Report for collaborating with application owners
Densify Impact Analysis Reports—in this case, for Azure—provide complete visibility for app owners into the projected impact of recommended changes

Trust in the Science

Machine learning and predictive analytics models
Recommend the right resources before they are needed and learn from as much history as you can feed to them
Proven in the largest organizations and data centers in the world
Relied upon every day in environments with over 100,000 workloads
Always watching
Densify never sleeps and is constantly monitoring pre and post changes to ensure that apps always get the resources they need
Recommending the optimal resources for all your infrastructure apps and workloads

Deep, Policy-Based Control

Technical, resource, and business-based policies
Tailored guideposts for what is considered wasteful or risky
Recommendations are always fit-for-purpose
Applications, business services, and dev and test environments can all have their own policy thresholds and rules
Policies allow you to customize infrastructure recommendations to your business' specific demands and constraints

Enterprise-Wide Visibility & Accountability

Densify is easily integrated with business intelligence (BI) platforms like Tableau, Google Looker, and others for comprehensive cross-organization leadership and business unit awareness.

  • Leverage Densify data in Tableau
  • Leverage Densify data in Google Looker

Customer Report Examples

Following are examples of customer-created dashboards leveraging Densify analytics data for business intelligence reporting.

Display Densify data in Microsoft Power BI
Display Densify data via a third-party visualization
Display Densify data via Jaspersoft Studio
Densify data in Tableau

Automation & Change Management

  • Densify has native approval workflows for recommended changes
  • Densify APIs allow for integrations with ITSM products like ServiceNow and Atlassian Jira Service Desk
  • Densify becomes an integrated part of your existing infrastructure management processes
Densify integrates with ITSM platforms like ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk

Learn More about Improving Collaboration with Application Owners

Our Cloud Advisors are well-versed in best practices for increasing application owner buy-in within an enterprise. Request a demo to more about our automated capabilities, as well as how we will work with you to increase support for infrastructure optimization within your organization.

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