VMware Infrastructure Optimization for Your Hybrid Cloud

Automatically Locate The Best Hosting Environments

VMware vRealize automation hard codes the hosting venue and forces you to choose between clouds manually. This can result in performance compliance issues, inflated costs, and rework to redeploy the workload.

Densify automatically determines the best hosting venue for workloads across your hybrid infrastructure, whether that’s VMware-based or not. It assesses on-prem and off-prem options simultaneously to find the best fit, based on detailed utilization analysis, business requirements, technical requirements, cloud catalogs, capabilities, performance benchmarks, and more.

Densify aligns business and workload requirements with available hosting environment capabilities

Rightsize Cloud Instances from Public Cloud Provider Catalogs

Rightsizing cloud instances to ensure your workloads have enough resources without wasting money is critical in public cloud. But it requires an understanding of each cloud provider’s catalog alongside the workload requirement.

Densify provides policy-driven cloud catalog analysis for workloads, using trends to determine optimal cloud sizing and cost. This gives you an easy way to ensure you don’t overspend on unneeded capacity.

We can also help you ensure instances stay optimally sized over time as needs change. Our intelligent, automated resizing can result in 20-46% lower costs for your public cloud services.

Densify helps you size instances across different vendor catalogs

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