Smarter infrastructure transformations

Reduce risk and cost by optimizing candidate qualification, hosting decisions, infrastructure choices, configurations, workload sizing, cloud instance selection and placements.

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Bare metal cloud migration

Data center consolidation

Policy-driven, predictive analytics that make
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As an add-on service to Densify, our transformation analysis leverages benchmarks to normalize data and accurately compare hosting options for any kind of server transformation. Scenario modeling provides prescriptive consolidation and migration plans so you know exactly what option best suits your applications and meets your objectives.

Qualify candidates to reduce risks.

Multi-dimensional analysis considers all of the critical constraints within an environment to qualify candidates and drive out risk. Purpose-built rules and templates detect potential configuration, utilization, technology or platform-specific risks early in the analysis process.

Right-size allocations & cloud instances.

Get the appropriate allocations and instances to ensure performance and service levels are met without unnecessary excess.

Reserve capacity & control the on-boarding process.

Densify enables you to reserve capacity for workloads in a specific environment. This ensures the capacity is held for when you need it and gives you an accurate picture of how much room you have available. In new environments, this acts like a fuel gauge that shows the infrastructure "filling up," even before you place any workloads, giving you total control over the transformation and on-boarding process.

Optimize platform and infrastructure choices.

Get a vendor-neutral view of your environment and your future choices in hypervisors and hardware, enabling you to determine which options are best for your workloads. Evaluate any virtualization or hardware platform so that you purchase on your terms, rather than what vendors tell you.

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