Amazon EC2 Optimization

Keep Your AWS EC2 Instances Risk-Free & Cost-Optimized

The Manual EC2 Selection Conundrum

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a powerful infrastructure-as-a-service solution that provides a broad set of instance types and offers tremendous flexibility with respect to how they are configured, used, and purchased.

Organizations often struggle to determine the optimal EC2 instance types to use for their workloads. Even though there are millions of ways to configure and purchase EC2, the decision of exactly what types of instances to buy is often made manually, imprecisely, and infrequently. This causes operational risks, poor instance utilization, and inflated bills.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Optimization

Machine Learning Identifies the Best EC2 Instance Types & Sizes

By applying machine learning to this challenge, our Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—Cloe—is able to analyze workload patterns to precisely determine which instance types should be applied to each cloud workload. Using detailed supply and demand models, and applying benchmarks to all computations, Cloe is uniquely able to generate advanced cross-family recommendations, while at the same time driving high levels of automation.

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Densify’s Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine helps you leverage Amazon EC2 more effectively

Reduce EC2 Costs Through Next-Generation Automation

The process of optimizing the instances being purchased can be automated, replacing a tedious and error-prone task with a fact-based, API-driven process. Densify enables apps running in EC2 to become self-aware of their resource requirements, and can leverage Terraform templates to automate the process of moving workloads to the best-matched EC2 instance types and sizes. With this next generation of automation, time is saved, operational risk is reduced, and the alignment of workloads with the optimal instance types saves an average of 42% on your EC2 cloud costs.

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Densify optimizes Amazon EC2 instance efficiency and reduces costs