The Densify Service by Role

Infrastructure Managers Public Cloud

For managers of AWS, Microsofe Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM SoftLayer infrastructure, sometimes just keeping track of what you have in the cloud is tough enough, let alone actually optimizing it.

Densify offers relief. We will optimize your public cloud environment for you. Working with your organization’s operational policies, we will apply our leading optimization engine with oversight from a Densification Advisor to give you total visibility, optimized app placements, instance selection and modernization, and billing management with minimal effort on your side.

The outcomes for you are lower cloud costs and better performing apps.

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Densify for public cloud infrastructure managers

“Densify showed us how to save 46% in AWS just by moving to newer instance options that gave us the same performance at a lower cost. This kept our app owners happy, but enabled us to reduce our monthly bill.”

Cloud Architects Public Cloud

For cloud architects mapping out how they will leverage public cloud resources effectively is a massive job. Densify supports this effort with an analytics service that supports the lifecycle of deciding which apps should go to public cloud, comparing cloud platforms, sizing the workloads and managing billing and optimization once they’re out there.

We even help you model advanced use cases such a stacking containers within AWS instances, which can save your team upwards of 80%. Or stacking on bare metal cloud options vs. public cloud alternatives.

And if you’re looking to automate internal provisioning processes that include placing workloads into next-generation infrastructure, we can help you there too. Our analytics in real-time determine where to best host a workload and how to allocate resources, integrating with provisioning portals and orchestration systems to automate the process.

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Densify for public cloud architects

“We used Densify to compare SoftLayer bare metal vs public cloud hosting options after we acquired an organization with over 360 workloads running in AWS. Densify showed us how to optimize the existing AWS environment to reduce costs, but also what the workloads would look like in Softlayer, saving us time and giving us an accurate comparison we just couldn’t get otherwise”

Cloud Migration Teams Public Cloud

There is simply nothing else that enables you to see what can and should go to public cloud while ensuring you are making the safest and most cost-effective choices.

Densify gives you the insight you need to make faster, smarter decisions to ensure your move to public cloud is a success. And after you get there, we enable you to maintain control over billing, budgets, costs, and allocations.

After all, Densify is powered by the analytics that set the standard for transforming and refreshing IT infrastructure and is used by industry leaders like IBM, HPE, Dell, Wipro, Cognizant to transform their client infrastructure. Join the industry leaders that rely on us to find the right path to the cloud.

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Densify for cloud migration teams

“Densify takes the guesswork out of deciding where to host our VMs.”

IT Infrastructure Managers Virtual Infrastructure & Bare Metal Cloud

Densify provides the most comprehensive solution for automating infrastructure optimization with both proactive optimization that enables you to avoid risk while increasing efficiency and real-time response to get you out of trouble. We automatically place application workloads in the right hosting environments, on the right servers and allocate the right amount of resources to ensure workloads always have enough without having too much.

Our unique ability predictively place and dove-tail workloads gives you efficiency you just simply can’t get with real-time reactive tools. That’s why we have been the choice of leading Fortune 500 organizations and service providers for years.

Trust the science the leaders rely on to optimize your environment. Because now it’s available in an incredibly easy to take advantage of service. So even if you don’t have capacity teams guiding your way, you can ensure you always have the right resources for your applications without waste.

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Densify for IT infrastructure managers

“Not only have we optimized our VMware environment and reduced CAPEX requirements by $10 million, we also significantly reduced VM motioning and fire drills in the environment.”

Capacity Managers Virtual Infrastructure & Bare Metal Cloud

Densify provides the insight you need to understand your true infrastructure requirements, both public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Our advanced analytics enable a comprehensive understanding of compute, storage, network, and resource requirements by examining utilization, policy, capacity reservations, and technical considerations.

In other words: We make your life easy.

No more days lost to manual data manipulation in a spreadsheet. And no more over-provisioning "just in case". Densify enables you to reserve capacity for future requirements—allowing for more accurate forecasting and efficient purchasing.

When it comes time to make public cloud decisions, we help you make the most out of what you have internally while buying the right amount externally and ensuring you place workloads optimally between them.

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Densify for capacity managers

“Densify guides our decisions on future capacity requirements. Using its capacity reservations gives us an accurate view of what we really need and when, so we never worry about running out and we no longer have to buy extra hardware or storage just in case.”

Infrastructure Architects & Engineers Virtual Infrastructure & Bare Metal Cloud

Densify’s analytics engine provides powerful capabilities for modeling different scenarios and planning next generation infrastructure. Also critical though is the fact that it enables the most comprehensive solution for automating optimization, providing software-defined control for virtual and private cloud infrastructure. In addition to its proactive optimization and real-time response for continuous optimization, Densify fills a critical gap in cloud management platforms by automating the routing of new workloads to the best possible hosting environment and servers and making the associated capacity reservations for compute and storage resources.

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Densify for infrastructure architects and IT engineers

“We're building our private cloud using VMware technologies, but they only provide part of the solution we need. Densify fills critical gaps by enabling us to intelligently route and place VMs and automate those processes.”

IT Operations Virtual Infrastructure & Bare Metal Cloud

Densify enables IT ops teams to proactively optimize their internal infrastructure and be competitive with public cloud alternatives. We know you’re more worried about keeping the lights on than you are about efficiency, but what if you could have both? And have it all done for you? That’s what Densify offers.

We enable agility by automating key placement and resource allocation processes, which is key to being able to respond quickly to new requests for capacity, ensuring efficiency and avoiding risk. In addition, we give you unprecedented visibility and control over virtual and cloud infrastructure by revealing in a single glance which clusters, hosts, VMs, and storage resources are at risk and which are inefficient.

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Densify for IT operations

“We've automated VM sizing and balancing using Densify. We have significantly reduced performance issues and volatility in our infrastructure.”

IT Executives

Densify makes it easy to save money on public cloud, bare metal cloud and internal on-premises infrastructure while ensuring the needs of the business are met.

Our team is an extension of your team, and is backed by the industry’s leading optimization engine to ensure your teams always have the visibility they need to make the right choices. It reveals where you can improve, where your risks lie, and how to carve out the right path to leveraging cloud resources.

Imagine having the power of the same analytics that have enabled many of the most successful organizations in the world to reduce their costs by tens of millions of dollars. That’s what Densify delivers—in a convenient service.

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Densify for CIOs

“Densify is simply the right way to manage the balance of application demand and infrastructure supply. In the first 30 days, we already have a clear view of how the software will pay for itself many times over.”

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