Assess Your Amazon EC2 Optimization Level

Secure, Automated Analysis of Your EC2 for Risk Reduction & Cost Optimization Opportunities

Are Your Amazon EC2 Instances Risk-Free & Cost-Optimized?

See opportunities for optimization in your Amazon EC2 environment with this complimentary, self-service assessment.

No need to talk to anyone—just an automated report.

Securely submit AWS read-only credentials, and our patented machine learning technology will automatically analyze your EC2 instances and their utilization patterns. You will receive a complimentary report that identifies areas for further refinement, including:

  • Where to reduce potential risks by moving workloads to better matched EC2 instance families through upsizing and modernizing
  • Opportunities for AWS cost optimization by switching to optimal instance types, rightsizing, modernizing, and terminating instances—identified based on workload patterns
  • Projections for EC2 cost savings based on implementing the recommendations
  • Estimated level of organizational effort involved in implementing each recommendation
Sample Amazon EC2 optimization report
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In 24 hours, you’ll automatically receive your free, customized report. You can also contact our cloud experts to walk you through the findings in greater detail, if you wish.

What optimization opportunities are lurking in your Amazon EC2 instances? Don’t wait to find out!

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What Your EC2 Analysis Report May Reveal

During the analysis, our machine learning works to identify:

  • The optimal EC2 instance types for your workloads
  • Downsizing opportunities for any overprovisioned instances in order to reduce spend
  • EC2 instances that are not being utilized and should be terminated
  • Specific instances that should be upsized to remove operational risks
  • Opportunities for modernization, like switching to newer EC2 instance generations for better performance and lower costs
  • How much you can save by implementing the recommendations and the corresponding level of effort for each

How Our EC2 Analysis Works

This analysis leverages the Densify Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—Cloe—an intelligent technology that perfectly matches your apps’ demands with the optimal cloud supply.

Cloe uses machine learning to analyze your utilization data to establish predictive demand patterns for each of your AWS EC2 workloads. Simultaneously, Cloe constantly scans the complex service catalogs offered by Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google, and IBM, and uses benchmarks to create normalized models of capabilities across instance types from each provider.

Using deep permutation analysis, Cloe evaluates every predicted workload model against every normalized catalog entry, while considering your policies on CPU, memory, I/O, Reserved Instances etc., and recommends the perfect match for your workload.

By implementing recommendations from your self-service EC2 Assessment Report, you will be able to increase your applications’ performance, while reducing operational risks, simplifying your cloud management, and saving on your monthly cloud bills.