Maximizing Your Reserved Instances (RIs) in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud The Definitive Guide

Make the Four Pillars of Reserved Instances Work for Your Cloud

Learn strategies for effectively leveraging AWS Reserved Instances in an enterprise setting.

Public cloud providers have introduced reserved capacity commitments as a way to take control of your cloud costs. These are branded RIs in AWS, Azure calls them Reserved VM Instances, and Google Cloud has a similar concept of Committed Use Discounts.

With the hundreds of different instance types available and not knowing your workload’s exact requirements, how can you possibly take advantage of the benefits of RIs?

In this definitive guide to maximizing your reserved instances, you will learn:

  1. How to use Reserved Instances to reduce your cloud costs
  2. How to select the best-suited type of instance and size
  3. How to optimize your purchasing strategy
  4. Lifecycle planning for your existing set of RIs

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