Ticketmaster’s Process & Feedback Loop for Cloud Optimization

How Ticketmaster Implements Densify’s Guidance

Brent Eubanks, VP Technology Optimization at Ticketmaster explains how his organization takes suggestions from Densify, routes them to workload owners, and creates a feedback loop and workflow to help Densify and Ticketmaster achieve increasingly effective results together and fine tune findings over time for accuracy.

Brent outlines and describes a four-step process:

  1. Data and recommendations for cloud optimizations from Densify are blended and enriched
  2. The enriched recommendations are presented to stakeholders: Engineers can access the data directly through Jira, recommendations are queued in Jira based on severity and confidence, and a management view shows potential cost efficiencies for each engineering group’s workloads
  3. Engineering takes action—reporting whether the recommendation was assessed and ignored, became work-in-progress, or was completed
  4. Finally, an audit and review of engineering actions is performed, and the findings are passed back to Densify to better inform ongoing cloud optimization